Sunday, June 27, 2010


Made burritos with rice, chorizo, corn, beans, cheese & salsa for the Homeless this weekend. They are always popular & I've made a lot this time, so it looks like I will be going back to the parks on Monday & maybe even on Tuesday this coming week. :) Yeay !! :)

As of yesterday together we have fed 903 people. :) This number just amazes me. After this coming Monday & Tuesday we will be very close to 1000 people. :o

Thank you Maggie & Brian for donating a lot of the food for next weekends meals & for donating a lot of odds & ends, so to speak !! Three different men got socks each & were really happy to have them. The backpack went to a Tohono O'odham Indian homeless woman, who was excited to have one of her own now. Many of the cloth bags went to the other people in the two parks. And I found two people needing laundry soap who were grateful to receive what you donated. The blanket I will hang onto for now until it gets colder again. I have my ears open for the people who need pillows. Brian's shoes also found some happy feet yesterday. :)

Thank you Mary Helen for another donation for the Homeless Food Fund !! You are soooo appreciated & I soooo appreciate you being a true constant in this wonderful adventure !! :)

Also a great big thank you goes to Mike & Eric for donating books, which are always welcome. :) The novels & "who done it" books are always really popular with the homeless. I take the books with me every week & little by little they all are getting taken.

Thank you dear Vicky for helping with the Food Fund !! :) You are awesome, especially since you are a single Mom of three !! I Love You lots my Spirit Daughter. :)

Yesterday I spoke on the phone with one of the wholesale suppliers of my store. Kathy makes truly inspirational key tags & she suggested that I listen to a song called "Moments" by the group Emerson Drive. She said that it was about a homeless man & that the song makes her cry every time she listens to it. I went onto the Emerson Drive website, listened to the song & ended up crying too. It is so touching & so true for many of the people that live in the parks. It will touch your Hearts too. :)

Thank you also to everyone in the parks for being my friends & for being my protectors when needed, which is not very often. I get an adverse person on an average of about once a month. I feel that I am protected from what I call "Upstairs" & I have a lot of Faith in that. :) Faith is so important in these times we live in & it will help carry us through, along with us all pulling together & helping each other. :) I hope that this blog will inspire you & I pray that it all will ripple out to get bigger & bigger & all over this country.

More in a few days ........................

Monday, June 21, 2010

Potato Salad with Ham

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful Dad's out there !! :)

More good news to report, which always is fun to do. :)
On 5-8-10 I shared with you about "Big" who lives in this old Cadillac in the parking lot of one of the Parks I go to. I was told last weekend that his family helped him out & he now lives in a very small, air-conditioned place (something like a studio apartment) & is no longer Homeless. :) I was so happy to hear that & to realize that he can now put up his legs & has cool air surrounding him. "Big", if you recall, has Edema & his legs & feet were so swollen that he couldn't fit into any shoes.

Last weekend I fed 58 people & this Saturday another 31. The total fed so far is 850 in 5 months. :) I am going back tomorrow with two pots of potato salad with some really delicious spiral-cut ham chunks & lots of pickles & eggs in it too. That ham is really wonderful, I found it at CostCo & got a good deal on it with a discount coupon they sent out this month. :)

I would like to send a great big Thank You out to Irina for her kind donation to the Homeless Food Fund !! :) It came in the nick of time. I was down to $2.89 when I got your donation & was wondering what am I going to cook from that amount this next weekend. May you always be blessed Irina & may Sundance give you all the Blessings you soooo deserve !! :) I am glad that we are becoming friends !!

Much thanks also goes to T-bird, who donated $8.00 to the gasoline fund, which is also always very much needed. I go through a lot of gas going to the Parks & shopping for the food & now water too. :) It all adds up & it all helps lots. :)

Speaking of water .... the Homeless People are so grateful for the cold water I bring now every time. :) It is very hot & dry here these days & will stay so for quite a while to come. Thank You again dearest Angel Laurel for helping out in that way !! :)

I would like to mention to everyone who reads my Blog, to please feel free & pass it on to everyone you know. :) It would so wonderful to have many people reading it & maybe even give me feed-back, or share their experiences with me. I feel we all are together in this & we need each others support. Makes life so much easier & fun that way. :) I would love to see comments sent to me directly to my Blog. Most of you have sent them to me to my email address. So please "pass this forward". :)
Thank You !!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today another prayer was answered. :) Thank you Creator & thank you my dearest Laurel !!

Every time I feed the Homeless people I get asked if I have anything to drink & every time this happens it breaks my heart when I have to say "no, it isn't in the budget yet". Right now our temperatures here are between 104 & 109 degrees & the body needs lots of water to sustain itself in this heat.

My dear friend Laurel from Oregon (& Arizona) called this evening & during the conversation she asks me if the Homeless are getting enough water to drink. I shared with her that I couldn't afford it at this point (see my blog from 5-31-10), so my sweet Laurel committed to providing bottled water with each meal every time from now on. :)

Laurel, thank you for your beautiful & caring Heart & for being soooo supportive of this !! :) And thank you for being a "Hollow Little Bone for Creator to work through" (to quote the Lakota Holy Man Fools Crow) by listening to His guidance !! :) I Love You So !!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Christmas in June

"Christmas in June!!!" Mary & Gale of Four Winds Trading Co. wrote on a packing list, which included a huge stack of children's books that came in the mail today & are for me to give to needy & Native American children. :) What a surprise that was & it put a big smile on my face & then tears of joy. :) Mary & Gale helped me out last Christmas too with lots of books for the Native American children & families I made Christmas for the fifth year in a row.

Thank you so very, very much you two Dear Ones !! :) Your surprise really worked. Christmas in June is awesome !! :)

And thank you so much once more my very kind neighbors Dave & Linda for donating most of the food today for this coming weekends meals !! :) I don't know what I would do without you !! It is wonderful that I can always rely on you to be there for this !! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gazpacho Soup & French Bread

It has been a very emotional week so far & I haven't felt much like blogging. Much happened though & I need to catch up before I fall too far behind.

On Monday, while feeding the Homeless, I found out that Mike, who was in his late 50ies & one of my homeless people, had died last Saturday. Mike wasn't really homeless, but then again he was, temporarily anyway. I told him that I would feed him anyway. :) He lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico, he told me, but being a Veteran & having heart problems, the V.A. there had sent him to Tucson's V.A. Hospital for treatment. Mike liked it in Tucson & told me that he needed to make a decision about moving here or about going back to Las Cruces. So in the meantime he was homeless here. I don't know the details yet about what caused his death, I just know that it had to do with his heart. Christopher was crying so hard when he told me that I couldn't ask him about what had happened. Hopefully I will find out more this Saturday. Mike was always kind & respectful with me. He was all the way around a nice man & always smiling or ready with a joke. I have been grieving his crossing over, along with Mike's homeless friends that always "hung out" with him.

Mike, have fun on the "Other Side" & please watch over Christopher & "Big Mouth" :) too. We miss you !!

The cold Gazpacho Soup was a success & some people would have liked some shrimp in it, but that is too much of a luxury on this small budget. Deanna, who is temporarily homeless, came home with me on Friday afternoon & together we chopped & diced at least 60 lbs. of vegetables on Friday & Saturday. I was very grateful for Deanna being here overnight to help me with the prep-work !! I had enough soup for both Saturday & again Monday. And Deanna donated five loaves of very, very fresh French bread to go with the soup, which made it more filling. :) Thank you, Deanna, for helping out much. :)

James, the very kind prisoner from Indiana I blogged about before, sent another $5.00 donation check for the Homeless Food Fund for June & he decided to send $5.00 every month hereafter. He wrote to me that the men there only make 12 cents an hour working. James is going to college in prison & he gets paid only $10.00 per month, but he wants to send $5.00 to help out. That made me cry once more. And James is trying to get his Buddy there to help out too. The Kindness of people all around is so incredible & my Gratitude is more than mere words can ever express.

Denise from Florida sent a second huge box of children's books for me to give away. Thank you Denise, you are a big Blessing !! :)

Yesterday I connected with Irina from Ohio through my business, Native Rainbows. She was placing an order for some CDs & we ended up talking on the phone for over two hours. :) Irina is from Europe too & it felt to both of us like we were old friends. :) Irina donated to the Homeless Food Fund too & I was able to buy 13 lbs. of zucchini today for this weekends meals of Chicken-Zucchini Pasta Alfredo, plus a stack of foam plates to serve the food on. They were on sale at 50 plates for $1.00, that's a great deal. :) Thank you soooo much Irina, you are very, very Special !! :)

Irina is thinking of doing a Fundraiser in Ohio with a friend of hers for my "Feeding the Homeless" fund. How wonderful & special would that be ??!! :) It would make things much easier & I could focus more on the cooking.

God is busy working through all of you in different ways to help with this cause. :) Thank you each & every one of you & know that the Blessings will all come back to you manyfold !! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tucson Appliance Co. :) & Food Bank Experience :(

This has been a day of highs & lows for me, including many tears of Joy at the end !! :)

It all began with my trip to the Food Bank this afternoon in hopes of picking up a bunch of fresh vegetables for this weekends cold Gazpacho Soup for the Homeless. What a disappointment that was !! :( I was told that I need a Non-Profit License in order to get food for feeding any Homeless, or to bring each one in. I was able to get a food box for myself though, which I will pass on to the people in the Parks this weekend. This I can get only once per month I was informed & that at this point the Food Bank didn't have any fresh vegetables, only bread & frozen sausage patties. As I got ready to leave a man came with a number of boxes filled with tomatoes & I received one of the boxes. :) It is the main ingredient in the Gazpacho Soup, so I felt really blessed & supported from "Up Above". :)
I did leave the Food Bank totally disappointed & disillusioned though. What if any families, especially with young children, need food more often than once a month ?? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Here comes the "tears of joy" story. After the Food Bank I went to meet Chris at the TUCSON APPLIANCE CO. My friends & people I know have told me during the last few days about what a nice man he is & how kind he is & they all were right. :) When we met we hugged right away & I felt like I had known Chris for a long time already. In a way I had, since Chris acts in his own commercials on TV. He seems to have a lot of fun doing it. :) Chris led me over to a refrigerator/freezer to find out if it would be big enough & by then I was crying happy & very emotional tears. And I don't cry easily, but Chris touched me so deeply with his generosity & kindness, that I couldn't hold the tears back. He also wanted to know if I had someone to pick it up for me & he then just decided to have it delivered to my home tomorrow. More tears of joy !! What can I say. :)
And more hugs of Gratitude !! :)

Chris told the salesman, John Byrd, who wrote everything up for the delivery tomorrow, that I feed the Homeless & that the fridge was a donation. So John reached into his pocket & gave me $10.00 for food & he encouraged a co-worker to chip in too, who then gave me $4.00. John said that he will continue to support me with "Feeding the Homeless". :) He feels that it is better to give to where all the money will be used for the actual cause & not part of it for administration costs.

Thank you soooo much Chris, John & your anonymous Co-worker !! :) I will encourage everyone I know to support your business & pray that all your Kindness will return to you in many, many ways !! :) You so touched me today with your Caring !! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thank You !!

Thank you Rachel & Mike for helping out with your check for the June meals !!  :)  I soooo appreciate you & Love You lots !!  Enjoy your vacation & your family !!  :)

Tuna & Pasta Salad

Thank you Lizzy for your kind donation to help with the food once more.  :)  You continually amaze me with your on-going support of my Feeding the Homeless & all the miscellaneous items you bring over to help with it all.  :)  Also, thank you for stirring & mixing up all that Pasta Tuna Salad today, my wrists are very grateful to you too.  ;)   Many Blessings to you & your Lil' Naomi always !!

Many of the churches around town had free food for everyone today on Memorial Day, so I only fed 25 people in the different Parks.  I am glad that they all got fed somehow, somewhere & are happy.  There were concerts at some places around town, along with the free food, so many got entertained too.  :)   One church opened their doors for four hours to the Homeless this afternoon to watch old war movies & to let the people cool off in an airconditioned room.  :)  What a great idea !!  :)

The temperature today was 98 degrees & it is getting only hotter in Tucson from here on in.  I wish I could provide ice cold drinks to the people in the Parks, but at this point that is not in the budget.  I truly feel lucky when I get enough money together to buy, cook & take the food to the Homeless.  Thank God there are some shade trees in the Parks, but it still is hot outside, even in the shade.  I don't know how they will survive the heat of the summer here.  Please hold these people in your prayers.  Thank You !!