Thursday, October 13, 2011

Garage Sale for the Homeless Food Fund

My friend Sherry is putting together her second Garage Sale to raise money so we can continue to feed the homeless.  :)   Her first one was a big success, she was able to raise $300.00.  :)   Thank you Sherry & everyone who contributed !!  :)

If you would like to help out by donating usable items please give me a call at 520-326-2236 so we can coordinate it.  This will happen in about two or three weeks.  We don't have a definite date yet.

Thank you for your Kindness !!  :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm Back !! :)

I'm baaaaaack !! :) I promise to try real hard to continue to blog, although feeding the homeless has grown so much I have gotten busier with feeding more & more people. :) As of this Monday together we have fed 7,631 in 20 1/2 months & are still going strong. This number will grow again tomorrow.

Since it is getting colder again at night it is time to gather blankets & sleeping bags again & some warm clothes for the homeless. Right now the blankets are most important, the clothes can wait a little while longer.  I don't have much room to store things.

We are also starting to plan for Thanksgiving & for Christmas too. So if you would like to help, please contact me. :) For Christmas I could use a lot of cookies again this year for the gift bags for the homeless. :)

The Health Department & I are working together towards a solution that will work for both of us & their kindness & caring is much appreciated !! Now if my crazy & heartless neighbor just would stop calling them every other day complaining about my cooking in my own home !! It amazes me for someone to be that mean & to have that much time on their hands with nothing better to do than to constantly complain about others. Just imagine all the good that could be done with that time instead !! :)

Well, we will carry forward with what we do to make a difference here in Tucson & hopefully be an inspiration to the rest of the country. :)

Have a blessed weekend everyone !! :)