Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pork Tacos (Carnitas), Pinto Beans & Cilantro Rice

Another successful meal completed.   :)   We fed 46 homeless people today & everyone just loved the food & all were ever so grateful.  We never heard so many "thank yous" before & many of the fed came over to say it once more extra specially before leaving with a full belly.  :)  
We had a lot of food today, with many different parts to it, which included lettuce, tomatoes, shredded Mexican cheese, salsa, limes, jalapenos, cookies & bottled water. 

Faith, thank you for cooking with me again today !!  All that extra work was well worth it & I wish you could have been there to receive all the gratitude too !!  :)   Hopefully I am able to reflect it back to you through this writing !!   :)   Your cilantro rice is awesome.   :) 

Heily, thank you for helping to shred the pork & for chopping lots of tomatoes, even though you don't like tomatoes.   :)   It was nice to have you around today with your Mom & I !!   :)  And thank you for baking all those wonderful sugar cookies for the homeless !!  :)  You are so sweet Girl !!  :)

Marilyn, thank you for taking those wonderful pictures which are posted below !!  :)  It is always nice to be able to post photos of the people we feed.  You are our official photographer.  ;)   Thank you also for helping with the serving & for your kind help in helping me clean up all the pots & pans at my house afterwards !!  :)   I so appreciate it all !!  :)

Mark B., you surprised us at the park with helping to serve, which is always wonderful !!  :)  J.J. & I always like it when you are there with us.  You always add your Love & lots of laughter to everything & the homeless really like you too.  Thank you & also for helping out with the food fund too !!  :)  Your timing is always impeccable !!   :)

J.J., my gratitude to you is ever so much !!  :)   When you are there to help, you do such a great job setting up & taking things down. !!  :)  It always gives me one less thing to be concerned about !!  I so appreciate that, especially after the long hours of cooking & having a tired brain.  ;)

Today we had a brand-new helper by the name of Jim D., who is a friend of Faith's.  Jim, thank you for jumping in to help when I needed another person to serve the food !!  You fit right in.  And it was fun to have your Santa Claus energy at the parks with us.  Next time we expect you in your Santa hat.  ;)   Who is Santa without his hat ??!!   :)  

Dave & Linda, thank you as always with my whole Heart for your help with some of the groceries & Dave for always being there for me to load up the car before heading to the parks.  :)   Even when I forget to remind you !!   ;)  Those pots filled with food would be really heavy for me to lift.  Your help is always so needed & appreciated !!  :)  

Randy S., I don't know how to thank you enough for your awesome & thoughtful check for more food & meals !!  :)   You really made me cry with Gratitude !!   :)

All of you & the homeless too are always in my Heart & my Prayers & that is a done deal & I wish I could do more than that for each & everyone of you wonderful people !!  :)

Sleep with the Angels all you Dears !!   :)

Photos of Feeding the Homeless on July 27th, 2013 at Estevan Park


Monday, July 15, 2013

Left-Overs Today

Went back to Santa Rita Park today loaded up with a bunch of left-overs from last Saturdays Sloppy Joe's, rice & beans, plus the Boston Market chicken, mashed potatoes, mac 'n cheese, veggies & corn bread that the nice black man donated on Saturday.  So we had two complete meals to offer & the homeless had their choice of which one they preferred this time.   :)  Between the two left-overs we had enough food to feed everyone nicely.   :)

Lee came with me to help & together we fed 30 people.  It felt like a lot more, but that must have been because of all the choices we had to offer.   :)

We fed about 15 people at Santa Rita Park & since we had still food left we went over to Estevan Park, but didn't find one soul there.  So we stopped at "Stone Park" aka De Anza Park & fed about 15 more there.  I don't feel very safe at that park & we were in a hurry to get done & out of there.  Sure enough one of the homeless punch out another one & split his lip open.  Sadly the man couldn't eat after that.  :(   It's just not a good park, but we didn't want to waste any food either. 

Thank you my buddy Lee for helping me today !!  You are awesome !!  :)  I couldn't have done all that by myself.  You are one of my Angels & I'm very grateful to you !!  :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sloppy Joe's, Rice & Beans

Wow, 55 people fed today.  :)  

We had a lot of people at Santa Rita Park today, it was about 45 or so just there.  At Estevan Park it was about 10, all the regular core group. 

Faith & I made Sloppy Joe's, authentic Spanish Rice (her Grandma's recipe), and Cowboy Beans.  We also had water & cookies, as usual.   :)   Today I learned how to make real Spanish Rice from Faith & it was the best ever !!  :)   I will keep her Grandma's secret ingredient a secret.  ;)

In the middle of our serving the food at Santa Rita Park this wonderful man drove up & gave us a huge box full of different food from Boston Market.  :)  He said it was left over from a reception they had today.  Since we had a lot of our own food & served already, I am saving it, along with the leftovers from our cooking today & I will take it all to the park either tomorrow or on Monday for dinner.  This way the homeless will get an extra meal & it all will be heated again then. 
What a wonderful gesture form that man & so thoughtful !!   :)

A very kind "Water Angel" donated $40.00 & I was able to get sixteen 24-packs thanks to one of my favorite grocery store having the best sale ever.  :)   The employees there know me & what I do & always let me go through twice or more when there are limits on items like that.  :)   Every little bit helps & every penny saved buys more food or water.  :)   Thank you, you guys !!  :)  
Thank you also to our anonymous Water Angel & J.J. for being the Bringer of Good News !!  :)

Thank you Faith for being a great Sous Chef   :).  J.J. & Marilyn for helping dish out all that food at the parks & Marilyn for helping to clean up the pots at my house afterwards !!  You all are really awesome & I soooo appreciate you always !!  :) 

Thank you Dave & Linda for helping with the groceries again & Dave for loading my car up with the heavy pots & stuff !!  You fill my heart with your on-going Kindness !!  :) 

Below are some photos from today that Marilyn took of the Homeless, J.J. & I.  

Good Night now & everyone Sleep with the Angels !!  :)

Photos of Feeding the Homeless today on 7-13-13


Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Pizza & lots of Water

Today I was invited to a Birth-day party for a precious little 4 year old boy.  :)  

His parents, Mandie & John, had three big boxes of pizza left over & gave them to me, along with a 36 pack of bottled water, so I could take it all to Santa Rita Park to feed the homeless.  :)    I was able to feed 12 people & all were quite happy to get the pizza & especially lots of water.  :)  

Thank you so much Mandie & John for your thoughtful Kindness & for making a difference today in 12 people lives !!   :)   You are really awesome & I pray that the Blessings will come back to you many-fold in ways that you need !!  :)  

Sending Love & Hugs to you & the cutest lil' boy in the whole world !!   :)