Monday, July 15, 2013

Left-Overs Today

Went back to Santa Rita Park today loaded up with a bunch of left-overs from last Saturdays Sloppy Joe's, rice & beans, plus the Boston Market chicken, mashed potatoes, mac 'n cheese, veggies & corn bread that the nice black man donated on Saturday.  So we had two complete meals to offer & the homeless had their choice of which one they preferred this time.   :)  Between the two left-overs we had enough food to feed everyone nicely.   :)

Lee came with me to help & together we fed 30 people.  It felt like a lot more, but that must have been because of all the choices we had to offer.   :)

We fed about 15 people at Santa Rita Park & since we had still food left we went over to Estevan Park, but didn't find one soul there.  So we stopped at "Stone Park" aka De Anza Park & fed about 15 more there.  I don't feel very safe at that park & we were in a hurry to get done & out of there.  Sure enough one of the homeless punch out another one & split his lip open.  Sadly the man couldn't eat after that.  :(   It's just not a good park, but we didn't want to waste any food either. 

Thank you my buddy Lee for helping me today !!  You are awesome !!  :)  I couldn't have done all that by myself.  You are one of my Angels & I'm very grateful to you !!  :)

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