Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sloppy Joe's, Rice & Beans

Wow, 55 people fed today.  :)  

We had a lot of people at Santa Rita Park today, it was about 45 or so just there.  At Estevan Park it was about 10, all the regular core group. 

Faith & I made Sloppy Joe's, authentic Spanish Rice (her Grandma's recipe), and Cowboy Beans.  We also had water & cookies, as usual.   :)   Today I learned how to make real Spanish Rice from Faith & it was the best ever !!  :)   I will keep her Grandma's secret ingredient a secret.  ;)

In the middle of our serving the food at Santa Rita Park this wonderful man drove up & gave us a huge box full of different food from Boston Market.  :)  He said it was left over from a reception they had today.  Since we had a lot of our own food & served already, I am saving it, along with the leftovers from our cooking today & I will take it all to the park either tomorrow or on Monday for dinner.  This way the homeless will get an extra meal & it all will be heated again then. 
What a wonderful gesture form that man & so thoughtful !!   :)

A very kind "Water Angel" donated $40.00 & I was able to get sixteen 24-packs thanks to one of my favorite grocery store having the best sale ever.  :)   The employees there know me & what I do & always let me go through twice or more when there are limits on items like that.  :)   Every little bit helps & every penny saved buys more food or water.  :)   Thank you, you guys !!  :)  
Thank you also to our anonymous Water Angel & J.J. for being the Bringer of Good News !!  :)

Thank you Faith for being a great Sous Chef   :).  J.J. & Marilyn for helping dish out all that food at the parks & Marilyn for helping to clean up the pots at my house afterwards !!  You all are really awesome & I soooo appreciate you always !!  :) 

Thank you Dave & Linda for helping with the groceries again & Dave for loading my car up with the heavy pots & stuff !!  You fill my heart with your on-going Kindness !!  :) 

Below are some photos from today that Marilyn took of the Homeless, J.J. & I.  

Good Night now & everyone Sleep with the Angels !!  :)

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