Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Pizza & lots of Water

Today I was invited to a Birth-day party for a precious little 4 year old boy.  :)  

His parents, Mandie & John, had three big boxes of pizza left over & gave them to me, along with a 36 pack of bottled water, so I could take it all to Santa Rita Park to feed the homeless.  :)    I was able to feed 12 people & all were quite happy to get the pizza & especially lots of water.  :)  

Thank you so much Mandie & John for your thoughtful Kindness & for making a difference today in 12 people lives !!   :)   You are really awesome & I pray that the Blessings will come back to you many-fold in ways that you need !!  :)  

Sending Love & Hugs to you & the cutest lil' boy in the whole world !!   :)

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