Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pizza & Cookies

Since this month has five Saturdays I took pizzas to the parks today for the homeless.  :)   It's a bonus meal for everyone.   :)

Armed with 13 boxes filled with Little Caesar's Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizzas I fed 52 people today.  Each person got 2 big fat slices & I had just enough for everyone.  :)    I was amazed how good these pizzas were & how filling.  All the homeless oohed & awed & I did too actually.  The closer it gets to the end of the month the more people I always end up feeding.  

It was incredibly hot here today, supposedly 113 degrees,& the cold water was just as much appreciated as the pizza.  :)   I wished I had lots more water for 'em all, they were really asking for more !!  There are only so many funds available for it all.   I'm praying for a "Water Angel" now.

Lee made a bunch of peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies for me to take today.  They were a big success too, Lee !!   :)   Thank you from all the guys they said !!   :)  

Mother Nature was very kind to us even with all this heat !!  :)   It was quite overcast for most of the day & that made it a little more bearable for everyone.  :)

Please hold these people in your prayers throughout these super hot days here in Tucson !!  And many Blessings to each & everyone !!

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