Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tucson Appliance Co. :) & Food Bank Experience :(

This has been a day of highs & lows for me, including many tears of Joy at the end !! :)

It all began with my trip to the Food Bank this afternoon in hopes of picking up a bunch of fresh vegetables for this weekends cold Gazpacho Soup for the Homeless. What a disappointment that was !! :( I was told that I need a Non-Profit License in order to get food for feeding any Homeless, or to bring each one in. I was able to get a food box for myself though, which I will pass on to the people in the Parks this weekend. This I can get only once per month I was informed & that at this point the Food Bank didn't have any fresh vegetables, only bread & frozen sausage patties. As I got ready to leave a man came with a number of boxes filled with tomatoes & I received one of the boxes. :) It is the main ingredient in the Gazpacho Soup, so I felt really blessed & supported from "Up Above". :)
I did leave the Food Bank totally disappointed & disillusioned though. What if any families, especially with young children, need food more often than once a month ?? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Here comes the "tears of joy" story. After the Food Bank I went to meet Chris at the TUCSON APPLIANCE CO. My friends & people I know have told me during the last few days about what a nice man he is & how kind he is & they all were right. :) When we met we hugged right away & I felt like I had known Chris for a long time already. In a way I had, since Chris acts in his own commercials on TV. He seems to have a lot of fun doing it. :) Chris led me over to a refrigerator/freezer to find out if it would be big enough & by then I was crying happy & very emotional tears. And I don't cry easily, but Chris touched me so deeply with his generosity & kindness, that I couldn't hold the tears back. He also wanted to know if I had someone to pick it up for me & he then just decided to have it delivered to my home tomorrow. More tears of joy !! What can I say. :)
And more hugs of Gratitude !! :)

Chris told the salesman, John Byrd, who wrote everything up for the delivery tomorrow, that I feed the Homeless & that the fridge was a donation. So John reached into his pocket & gave me $10.00 for food & he encouraged a co-worker to chip in too, who then gave me $4.00. John said that he will continue to support me with "Feeding the Homeless". :) He feels that it is better to give to where all the money will be used for the actual cause & not part of it for administration costs.

Thank you soooo much Chris, John & your anonymous Co-worker !! :) I will encourage everyone I know to support your business & pray that all your Kindness will return to you in many, many ways !! :) You so touched me today with your Caring !! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Karin! You are such a beautiful woman the way Creator could only define it! I would like to give you a donation for July meals. Your path is my path! Please let me know where to send it! And, thank you for feeding me and filling my belly with spirit this weekend! There are no words to express the feeling that I have with our connection! Much love to you Karin! Your spirit daughter - Vicky :)