Sunday, June 27, 2010


Made burritos with rice, chorizo, corn, beans, cheese & salsa for the Homeless this weekend. They are always popular & I've made a lot this time, so it looks like I will be going back to the parks on Monday & maybe even on Tuesday this coming week. :) Yeay !! :)

As of yesterday together we have fed 903 people. :) This number just amazes me. After this coming Monday & Tuesday we will be very close to 1000 people. :o

Thank you Maggie & Brian for donating a lot of the food for next weekends meals & for donating a lot of odds & ends, so to speak !! Three different men got socks each & were really happy to have them. The backpack went to a Tohono O'odham Indian homeless woman, who was excited to have one of her own now. Many of the cloth bags went to the other people in the two parks. And I found two people needing laundry soap who were grateful to receive what you donated. The blanket I will hang onto for now until it gets colder again. I have my ears open for the people who need pillows. Brian's shoes also found some happy feet yesterday. :)

Thank you Mary Helen for another donation for the Homeless Food Fund !! You are soooo appreciated & I soooo appreciate you being a true constant in this wonderful adventure !! :)

Also a great big thank you goes to Mike & Eric for donating books, which are always welcome. :) The novels & "who done it" books are always really popular with the homeless. I take the books with me every week & little by little they all are getting taken.

Thank you dear Vicky for helping with the Food Fund !! :) You are awesome, especially since you are a single Mom of three !! I Love You lots my Spirit Daughter. :)

Yesterday I spoke on the phone with one of the wholesale suppliers of my store. Kathy makes truly inspirational key tags & she suggested that I listen to a song called "Moments" by the group Emerson Drive. She said that it was about a homeless man & that the song makes her cry every time she listens to it. I went onto the Emerson Drive website, listened to the song & ended up crying too. It is so touching & so true for many of the people that live in the parks. It will touch your Hearts too. :)

Thank you also to everyone in the parks for being my friends & for being my protectors when needed, which is not very often. I get an adverse person on an average of about once a month. I feel that I am protected from what I call "Upstairs" & I have a lot of Faith in that. :) Faith is so important in these times we live in & it will help carry us through, along with us all pulling together & helping each other. :) I hope that this blog will inspire you & I pray that it all will ripple out to get bigger & bigger & all over this country.

More in a few days ........................

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Karin!

I am so incredibly inspired by you, my Spirit Mom! I want to be just like you when I grow up!!! I will keep giving as I can!

Chi Miigwetch for your spirit and heart that reaches out to so many people!

Wabmegeeseekwe - Vicky