Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Address & Information for Donations and/or Helping Hands

The the response to the article in the Tucson Weekly called "Meals in the Park" is just amazing. :) Many wonderful people have asked for my address to send donations to & some are wanting to help with the work part. :) This will make everything much easier for me, as the fund raising part of this endeavor is very time consuming for me. And I always need help with the chopping, peeling, slicing, cooking, etc.

Here is the information for donations or any other helping hands:

L. Karin Elliott
3364 E. Popinac Loop
Tucson, AZ 85716
520-326-2236 (Noon to 10 P.M.)

I am not set up for charge cards, as this is not a business, just gifts from the heart for people in need.

Also, I received an email from the Newsroom of our local Channel 4 (NBC). They would like to come to the park & do a live report for the news on this. Wow !! :)

I am trying to integrate back into Tucson, which is not so easy after being on the Hopi Reservation for almost 3 days. The life there is much slower & peaceful than in the city. And the Kachina Ceremonies are always mind altering in a wonderful way.

Irina donated 6 large pizzas today & together we then took them to fed a bunch of homeless people in the two parks. We tried to make up a little bit for my not bringing any food this past weekend for the first time because of my being out of town. They all LOVED the pizza, it was a huge TREAT for everyone. :) Thank you sweet Irina for your generosity & kindness !! :) You are so precious to me, dear Sister of my Heart !!

While delivering the pizzas a woman & her cute lil' dog walked up to me & said that she recognized me from the article in the Tucson Weekly & could she have my address, she wants to send a donation check to help out. :) It is incredible how it all ripples out & gets bigger & more fun. The MIRACLES are just amazing !! :) And all of you are amazing too with your loving kindness in supporting me with this !! :)

A great big "Thank You" also goes to my dearest friend Laurel in Oregon for sending another check this month for food, in addition to her buying all the water for the homeless each month !!  Laurel, you are an Angel !!   :)

It is 4:00 in the morning & I need to get some sleep now. Good Night to you all & may you sleep with the Angels !! :)

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