Friday, September 10, 2010

Ground Beef & Rice Burritos & Pin Wheel Cookies

Some organization had a big cook-out of hot dogs, hamburgers & chicken for the homeless at the DeAnza Park last Monday, Labor Day, so we only fed about three people there that day.  Since I had lots of the rice dish left over I made burritos with the rice, went back on Wednesday & ended up feeding 107 people altogether during the three days.  :o   The total fed so far is 1,517 now.  :o

After helping me cook three huge boxes of rice for hours, my dear "helping hands" Marci brought her two students fresh from China to Santa Rita Park last Saturday, to show both what Americans do to help each other.  Both young men ate with us & looked like they enjoyed the rice.  :)   They weren't interested in the beans though, which are foreign to them.  :)   It was really nice to have these two young people with us !!  :)

Jennifer R. cooked the big batch of beans & also donated a bunch of chopped up jalapenos to go with the rice dish.  Thank you Jennifer, you are great !!  :)

Buck baked some wonderful tasting Pin Wheel Cookies last weekend as the sweet treat for the people in the parks.  With lots of Love he had put them in two containers, one for each day.  And he also baked his Mom's Pound Cake with Lemon Frosting (yummmm) as a treat for Marci & I.   Buck is the sweetest man I know !!  :)  Thank you soooo much Buck Dear !!  :)  

Speaking of Buck's cookies......... When Carlos & I first set up the back of my SUV each week with the food it always takes us a few minutes to get our flow going to serve it smoothly.  Well, this past weekend I forgot to give some of the homeless their cookies along with their food.  So I got asked a few times "where's my cookie ??"   :)   I got a big laugh out of that one.  :)   Buck, you are spoiling the people in the parks with your sweet treats of Love.  :)

I met Bill, the man who called me last week, at DeAnza Park last Saturday & he realized that I am not a crook. Bill decided to meet me at CostCo in a week or so to buy some of the food that I will need for that weekends meals.  :)  

This is a shout-out to anyone who has a large (14 cup) Food Processor they would be open to donating to this cause.  Marci & I are constantly chopping food to get the meals done & since we are cooking such huge quantities a large one would be really helpful.  :)   It would make things a bit easier & quicker for us. 

Shane & Nicole H. from Sierra Vista saw the report about Feeding the Homeless on Channel 4 News last week & sent a wonderful donation to help out.  It will feed the people for about 1 1/2 weeks.  :)  Thank you both, you made me cry tears of joy.  :)  Thank you also for your beautiful & thoughtful card !! 

Thank you Jen Y. for meeting Carlos & I at the DeAnza Park & for your kind donation !!  It was really fun to meet you !!  :)   Hope to see you again & maybe you can eat with us at the park one day.  I am making my famous Tortilla Soup this weekend.  ;)

Mary Helen, thank you once more for your on-going & caring donations to help out with the food costs. You are my biggest fan & I Love you so !!   :)  

Many Blessings to all of you for opening your Hearts to this cause.  I pray that some day we won't have any more homeless people in this world !!  :)

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Buck said...

I'm so glad they're enjoying the sweets.

BTW: Some of my fellow cooks from are going to send you some donations. :)