Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spaghetti, Dinner Rolls, Cucumber Salad & Dinner Rolls

The most exciting news I have today is that Buck from Sugar Pies yesterday spent many hours sprucing up my blog & hooking it up to Facebook & Twitter.
Please check out the "new" blog & let me know what you think. It was really fun being creative together & so rewarding to see the end results. :) Thank you soooo much Buck !! :) Your Angel Wings are growing so. :)

Buck also hand-made 82 yeast dinner rolls to go with the Spaghetti dinner I made for the homeless people last weekend. Those rolls were so yummie & the guys in the parks just loved them :), although they normally don't want any more bread. People donate bread, like bologna sandwiches or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. I have heard so many times already that they love my cooking, because I bring real food, not soup or sandwiches. It's nice to be appreciated. :) I also made their favorite cucumber salad with the sweet & sour cream sauce. I still had a few of Buck's cookies left from last weekend, so some of the people got those too. :)

Jen Y. was going to help me cook, but she hurt her hand coring apples on Friday, so I was on my own cooking the whole meal (for 100 people) on Saturday. :o I was over an hour late getting to the parks & a lot of guys left for their "camps" where they spend the nights. We only fed 27 people on Saturday, but on Monday there were 45. :) They were waiting for me.

Today I called Pima College's Culinary Arts Department to see if some of their students would want to volunteer helping me cook. I am hoping that the students would get credit for the time they'd spend cooking with me. :) I was told to send an email to the college, which I will do this weekend.

It was a pretty quiet week, except for all the new blog design excitement. :)

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Buck said...

I was so happy to be able to help you with the blog and techie stuff. It was even nicer to spend some quality time with you! Next time we'll have to plan to just enjoy an afternoon together over tea.. and I promise I'll make some real honest-to-God Southern Iced Tea next time. :)

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the rolls. They are wonderful and much like your guys in the parks I'm not big on bread - but those rolls I actually sat down with a slab of butter and ate! Michael absolutely loves them, so they're making frequent appearances on our dinner table.