Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sloppy Joe's, Spanish Rice & Cowboy Beans

Another successful meal served today in the two City parks.  Hilde made her incredible Spanish rice (one of my favorites of hers), I made my cowboy beans, and together we made the Sloppy Joe's & the tossed salad.  It is always fun to spend time in the kitchen together & I always look forward to those days.  :)  It is when we cook & talk about this, that & the other.   :)   It feels so much like mother & daughter time.  We also had cookies & of course water for everyone.

Marilyn came again to help serve the food & I am very grateful for your help & for being so constant in showing up !!  :)   You are much needed & much appreciated too !!  :)   Thank you always, dear Friend !!  :)

Hilde came to the parks too to serve the food & today for the first time her daughter Liz, & Hilde's Great-grandson Michael (16) came too to help.  How wonderful to be able to spend a little time with everyone !!  :)   Thank you all for helping out too !!  :)

Ever since we took a few months off, the homeless have been extra grateful to all of us & we so appreciate all their heartfelt thank yous & their help in setting up the table & food !!  :)  

We are not feeding quite as many people yet as we did before.  Word is still spreading that we are back & every time there are a few more people that show up.  So it is growing & it will just take a little time to build it up again.  Today we fed 47 people.  Please say prayers that the hungry people will find us !!

I also wanted to send out this request.  :)  It would be so awesome if we had home-made cookies again, and not just for the special holidays.  :)  So if there is someone out there who likes to bake a lot & often please call me.  The homeless love sweets & cookies are a big treat for 'em all.   :)  We've been giving out store bought cookies, but they don't have the Love in them that home baked ones do.  :)

Good Night now to you all & Sleep with the Angels !!   :)

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