Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cold Pasta with Ham, Bacon, Asparagus, Carrots in Ranch Dressing

Where do I start with sharing today's feeding with you ??  It all was so very eventful, incredible & fun.   :) 

First of all, my "Cooking Angel" Faith came over & we whipped up a big meal, which included the above pasta & a great big tossed salad too.   :)   The pasta was an experiment, as we used Hidden Valley Ranch for the dressing to go over the pasta & ham, etc., & it turned out really good.  I feel that Ranch dressing is way underused when it comes to dressings other than just for salads.  :)  The Ranch & bacon combination just on its own was great.  So learned something new today.   :)  The tossed salad had a Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing this time.  Thank you Faith for being such a great co-pilot.  :)

Later in the afternoon Melissa & Lucas (age 5) came over to help, but we were done by then.  They both came to the parks with us.  Melissa had collected shoes for the homeless & socks, as those, especially the socks, are always needed.  I had a bunch of oatmeal packets to hand out too & some health bars that were donated.  Melissa also baked a lot of brownies, which were so welcome by the homeless.  :)  We all know how big their sweet tooth is.  :)   And I took a bunch of magazines too. 

We fed 45 people today, but I expected more to show up, since it is towards the end of the month when there are always more mouths to feed than in the beginning.  Most of the food is gone though, many of the homeless got second plates.   :)

My faithful serving helpers Marilyn & J.J. came to the parks again & I thank you both lots once more !!  :)   Marilyn deserves a great big star today !!  :)   She had blisters on the bottom of her feet & she still showed up.  She then was going to leave early since I had enough helpers, but she couldn't stay away & showed up at the second park too to feed the puppies there.  Then she was going to go home, but also showed up at my house to help me clean up the dishes & the pans.  I am so blessed by her friendship & her dedication to feeding the homeless !!  :)   Marilyn also took the pictures & the video of today's feedings.  :)

I have been feeding the homeless for almost three years now & among the people often is a woman who never has talked to any of us in all this time.  She just always came, got her food & walked off.  Well, today she made my day.  She came up to the table, called me by my name, which I didn't think she even knew, and started telling me about how her knee hurt.  Needless to say I was really excited to have a conversation with her !!  :)   Three years later !!   :)

Dave & Linda, thank you once more for your food donations & as always I am ever so grateful to you both !!  :)   :)    I also wanted say another thank you for the electric knife you donated some time ago.  :)  I have been putting it to good use, especially with those big hams.   :)

Stefanie, David & Roy thank you for helping with the dishing out of the food & water today in both parks & for bringing a lot of extra water for the guys there !!   :)  It is nice to get to know you & I hope that you all will come back soon to help out.  :)   Your help made everything a bunch easier for all of us & your kind smiles were well received by everyone !!  :)   I still can't believe that you, Stefanie & David, are grandparents !!  :)   It's amazing !!  :)   Roy, one of these days I will figure out where I have met you before.  :)  

So now to our lil' Munchkin Lucas, who is 5 years old & ever so amazing !!  :)   Lucas was in charge of handing out the socks & shoes to the homeless.  I saw him a few times running after someone trying to give them a pair of shoes or offering socks.  :)  This little man is so loving & compassionate already that it touches ones heart deeply.  His mom Melissa told me that he wrote a song about the homeless people earlier this week & he sang it along his own guitar playing.  I can't wait to hear it myself, hopefully soon.  Melissa also said that she had to keep telling Lucas he couldn't walk off with the homeless, he wanted to go off looking for people who wanted another brownie.  :)  Afterwards Lucas said that "his favorite part was handing out the socks & packets of oatmeal because it made his heart explode with happiness".  Aaaawwwwwww & now I'm crying as I type this.  What a big little man at such a young age !!  :)

Please enjoy Marilyn's pictures & many Blessings to each & everyone of you !!  :)  Please always pray for the Homeless & for their safety !!  :)   Thanks !!   :)

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