Saturday, August 31, 2013

La Botana Burritos

Oh what fun we had today feeding the homeless.  :)  We had three little Munchkins with us, who are the children of Melissa & Brian, our newest helpers.  :)  Brian, age 5, was with us last weekend too & today lil' Jillian, age 6, & her lil' bitty sister Allison, age 3, came along & helped hand out all sorts of things we had to give out today.  More about that later. 

A great big shout-out goes to La Botana Mexican Grill for donating 75 of their most yummy burritos for the homeless today !!  :)   Arnold, you are an Angel & I pray that all of your generosity will come back to you many, many fold !!   :)  I know I can always count on you when I need help with feeding the people in the City parks !!  You have been there for me now for 2 years already.  We fed 59 people today & the ones in the second park got two burritos until we ran out.  :)  They just always love your food, Arnold, & they let us know that.  :)

Everyone, please support La Botana & Arnold by eating at his restaurant, which is on the corner of First Avenue & Fort Lowell in the Food City shopping center.  His food is upscale & just really great !!  :)  It is definitely my favorite Mexican restaurant in all of Tucson & I am very loyal to it.  :)  His Shrimp Especial is out of this world good & my favorite there !!  :)

This was a bonus meal for the homeless, since this month has five Saturdays.  Thank you J.J. for coming to the parks to serve & for always being my support, even on extra days !!  :)  And for always trying to come up with some way to make things better for everyone !!   :)  

Melissa & Brian thank you for donating all that water, for buying new socks for the homeless & for donating the cookies to go with the burritos !!   :)  It is great to have you on board & your kind support means a lot to the homeless & to me too.  :)  It touched me deeply that you gave up eating out so you could spend that money on the water, socks & cookies, & had PB&J sandwiches instead for dinner.  That is just so very, very dear of you !!   :)  It was also very special to have your three lil' Munchkins with us today, they added so much joy to the whole event.  :)  Joy for the homeless & joy for J.J. & I to watch.  Lucas (5) kept telling each homeless person "God bless you".  J.J. & I kept looking at each other with the biggest & proudest grins on our faces.  :)   Lil' Jillian (6) wanted to come back tomorrow to feed some more & lil' Allison (3) thanked me for letting her help.  Aaaaaaawwww !!  :)   I almost cried when she said that.  :)  

Please see all the pictures I posted about today's meal, especially of the three Munchkins.  :)  Brian, thank you, you did a fantastic job with the camera.  Those pictures turned out wonderful & I posted them all.  :) 

It is awesome to watch you, Melissa & Brian, how you teach your children compassion, empathy & to give !!  And not just once, it is an on-going lesson you are giving them each time you bring them along.  :)   It was so joyful to see each one hand out the water, the shoes, the oatmeal & the granola bars, along with the bars of soap.  They each took their job very seriously & they gave so lovingly & wholeheartedly, it was ever so precious !!  :)   You are great parents & your children reflect that back to you & everyone around them !!  :)   Now I'm sitting here crying.  :)

Dave, thank you for loading up the car for me once more !!  You are always there for me too, when I need help with lifting, etc.!!  I am so happy about your good news today about becoming a Grandpa once more !!  :)   You so deserve it !!  :)

Good night everyone & sleep with the Angels !!   :)

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