Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chili, Tossed Salad, and Brownies

After three huge pots of Chili had simmered all afternoon & filling a very large bin with tossed salad we headed out to the parks to feed the people without homes there.  We fed 55 people tonight, but again it felt like we fed many more than that.  Somehow I overcooked today, ending up with the three pots instead of the two that were planned, but that was actually a Blessing.  :)  I came home with very little left over.  The more people we feed the happier I am & today's meal was definitely comfort food.   :)   We had lots of crackers to add to the Chili & I had baked two batches of Brownies last night for the dessert today.  :)

Faith, my Chopping Angel, thank you for all your help this afternoon !!  :)  There was a lot to chop today.  

My Heart Daughter Cristina came to help dish out the food at Santa Rita Park & she brought along her daughter Kiersten, who just turned 7 years young.   :)  Cristina also brought along her best friend Mandy & her lil' son Garrett, who is 5.  :)  It was precious to have the little ones take turns handing out the water & to every chance they got run around in the park.   :)  Oh, to be a child again !!  :)   Thank you, my Cristina, Mandy, Kiersten & Garrett for helping out !!  :)   I hope you come back soon again.  :)

Marilyn helped with the photos again & you can see them below this entry.  :)  You can also see the lil' Munchkins in the pictures being all intense about giving out the water to everyone.  

Thank you Marilyn for helping serve at the parks & for helping unload, and clean up all the pots & spoons afterwards !!  I treasure you & J.J., I treasure you also for your loving dedication to this & for always being there for me at the parks !!  :)

Dave & Linda my gratitude for you both is big, as always !!   :)   Without your caring help I wouldn't be able to pull off these meals !!  :)  

Alvin, thank you for donating some of the crackers for this dinner !!  :)  That helped out a lot. 

And a big thank you goes to Eleanor B. for your generous donation for the Homeless Christmas !!  :)  Marilyn scouted out a great bargain at "Factory To You" for colored T-shirts, to add to the gift bags & we are now with your help able to buy all 65 needed.   :)  

Good Night everyone, time to put up my tired legs.  :)  Sleep with the Angels everyone !!  :)

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