Sunday, October 20, 2013

Making Thanksgiving & Christmas for the Homeless

Calling on all my Angel Helpers,  :)

Thanksgiving & Christmas are approaching quickly & it is time once more to reach out to you & ask for your help to make the holidays special for the Homeless in Tucson's City Parks again.  I can't believe it has been a year already, time so is flying by these days.  :)

I have a Wish List for both holidays & I am humbly asking for donations to pull this off once more.  :)  The Wish List is on my computer & since I don't know how to attach it to this blog, please email me at  & I will forward a copy to you if you like.  :)

My dream is to get enough money & items together so I can make 65 grocery paperbag gift bags again this year.  The people so enjoyed them last year.  :)

For Thanksgiving I will need 5 volunteers to roast & carve a turkey each on Saturday, November 23rd, which is the Saturday before Thanksgiving, & then to bring them over to my home in the early afternoon.  Hilde (89 years young now), Faith, & I will then cook the rest needed for the great big special meal.   :)

On Christmas Eve, if I get enough funds together, I would like to go to both parks with a whole bunch of pizzas again.  Last year I had 17 altogether to share & they were gone very quickly.  :)

Christmas dinner will be cooked & served on Saturday, December 28th, which is one of our regular Saturdays.  I haven't decided on the meal yet, but I'm hoping that Hilde will make her famous meat loaf & gravy again.   :)  It will be another huge meal.  :)

All you wonderful bakers out there, for Christmas it would be awesome to have lots of home baked cookies to add to the gift bags again.  :)  There are never too many.  ;)  The cookies I will need by Sunday, December 22nd, so I have enough time to sort them all into 65 baggies & then into the big bags.  We also need cookies for the Thanksgiving meal & of course always throughout the year.  :)

It also would be nice to have hand made Christmas cards by children of all ages to put into the gift bags this year again.  This could be a project for schools to teach the kids to share & about all the Homeless we have here in our city.  Teachers & parents with children, would you please help out with this.  :)

On December 28th I will need two volunteers with pick-up trucks to transport the 65 gift bags to both parks & to help hand them out there.  This will be from 4:30 PM until about 7:30 PM or so.  :)

Please email me for the Wish List.  :)  Together we are able to make a difference in these peoples lives, to let them know that they are not forgotten & that they are cared for by many.  :)

Thank you all my Angel Helpers for your Loving Kindness & Support this year again !!  :)


L. Karin Elliott
3364 E. Popinac Loop
Tucson, AZ 85716

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