Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve with the Homeless 2013

What a Miracle tonight was !!  :)  

The 17 Deep Dish Pizzas added up to being able to feed 68 people this evening, which is quite a bunch.  When we got to the first park there were more than a normal amount of people there & we were plowing through those pizzas pretty quickly.  I kept thinking I need to go to buy some more near the second park, as I had a feeling we would run out, at the rate we were dishing out the pieces. 

When we got to the second park there were another huge amount of people and I kept saying that I need to buy more pizzas to be able to feed everyone in line.   :)   Normally the people at the second park get seconds and the left-overs after everyone had their first portions. 

Here is where the Miracle comes in .... we fed exactly 68 people.  That's how many homeless showed up altogether & that's the exact amount of pizza we had.  :)   And all that on Christmas Eve !!  :) 

I had many helpers tonight, which made everything quite easy.  Three ladies from R & R Rescue (Reclaimed & Repurposed Pooches) came to help & to bring cookies, and so did my friend Buck, who has baked many cookies and cakes for the Homeless throughout the years.  :)   Marilyn stopped by for a little bit to say "hi" to everyone & to meet some of the Doggie People, as I call you all affectionally.   :)

Thank you Dolly Fernandes, Deena Singer, April Vanderpol & Buck Bannister for your loving support this evening !!  :)  It was fun to meet you & to now have faces to go with your names.  And thank you for all the incredible cookies & the Love you put into each one !!  :)   Most will go into the backpacks for this coming Saturday.  :)

Dolly, a special thank you goes to you for rallying everyone together to bake cookies & for your awesome job in organizing to bring dog bowls and dog treats for the homeless doggies in the parks.  :) 

All the blankets, comforters and sleeping bags were gone by the end of the night, except for one blanket and a couple of shirts.  We could have used a bunch more warm jackets though, so if anyone would like to donate some, I am happy to take them this coming Saturday.  :)

Wishing each and everyone of you a very special Christmas, and I will sign off with lots of Gratitude for all your Open Hearts for our People in the City Parks !!  :)

Sleep with the Angels !!   :)

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