Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yesterday I received one of the ultimate gifts of Kindness in the mail. It was a check for $5.00 from a prisoner in Indiana by the name of James. It made me cry because I was touched so deeply. Jobs are very hard to get in prison & only pay anywhere from 15 to 25 cents an hour, yes an hour. So James had to work at least 20 hours or even more in order to make his donation to the Feeding the Homeless Fund. Thank you James, what an inspiration you are !! :)

Also yesterday my Lizzy gave me a $20.00 donation, which is also a gift of Love !! Lizzy is a single Mom & I know how hard it is for her, especially during these trying times. Thank you Lizzy !! :) The Homeless loved the pretzels you sent along & were also grateful for all the soups & Ramen noodles too. Thank you too for the spices you donated !! You are great !! :)

The burritos this weekend were a big hit. On Saturday I fed 34 people & on Monday another 33, which brought the total fed so far to 500. :) Not too bad for a little less than 4 months of doing this. It all is just so exciting !! :)

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