Monday, May 17, 2010

Cheeseburger Stoup & Another Miracle !!

What an uplifting day this has been !!  :) 

I was able to feed 37 Homeless people today, the most ever, so far anyway.  :)   My two huge pots of thick Cheeseburger Soup (it's actually more like a stew) were empty, except for just a small bowl full of leftover. 
The people were lined up halfway down the Park & at one point it was hard for me to hold back the tears, I was so touched by all these hungry people waiting to eat, waiting for me. 

When I drove off I told everyone that I didn't know if I could come back on Monday, since there is no food & no money left to buy or cook more & it made me quite sad to just think about that.  It would be the very first Monday that I wasn't feeding anyone there since I began doing this 4 months ago on the 17th of January. 

After I got home my dear friend Amanda called & wondered if she could come over.  She wanted to donate 50 lbs. of potatoes for the Homeless meals, 6 ears of fresh corn & 2 lbs. of dry spaghetti pasta.  :)   Yeay, my prayers were heard & all I need now to make 2 huge bowl fulls of potato salad for Monday is a bunch of eggs, lots of mayonaise, pickles & Kielbasa or chunks of ham.  I'm still praying for a Miracle for the funds to be donated by Monday & with lots of Faith in my Heart I already boiled 25 lbs. of the potatoes for the salad.  :)   I know that God/Creator hears those Prayers.  :)

Thank you Amanda once more !!  :)   You are an Angel & your timing was incredible !!  :)   It is awesome how lovingly you support this cause of mine !! 

Dearest Dave & Linda had donated most of the food for the Cheeseburger Soup/Stew & I shared with Dave the other day that I am so grateful to them, because I know that every two weeks I can count on not having to worry about how I would get the food to make the meals for that weekend.  Both Dave & Linda are very constants in this & I could not do it without them !!  :)  Thank you both for your loving & continuous support !!   :)

After everyone was fed I sat with some of my very favorite Homeless people in the Park & we ate together there.  We ended up visiting until about 8:30 PM & had lots of laughs & stories to share.  :)   I am getting to know more of these people & learn about their struggles & joys too.  I will share as I blog along.

While being at the first Park I met two Indonesian Chaplains from the Latter Day Saints Church who came with their families (wives & young children) with food that they had cooked for the Homeless.  It was heartwarming to see the food they brought & so lovingly prepared.  It was all home-cooked too & they even brought drinks for everyone, which I can't afford, at this point anyway.  We started talking & decided that we would coordinate the meals, so we wouldn't be there the same days & at the same time.  We will keep in touch & maybe even work together.  What beautiful two families & how wonderful that they are teaching their young children to give in this way at an early age already !!  :)

Life is wonderful & so inspiring !!  :)

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