Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Potato Salad with Hot Dogs

Armed with about 40 lbs. of Potato Salad & Hot Dogs in it I went to the two parks today, the first time ever on a Tuesday.  I only fed 19 people at the first park, since no one expected me to come today, on a Tuesday instead of the usual Monday.  And no one was at the other park.  I realize once more how the people wait for me to show up with nourishment every Saturday & Monday. :)  Makes all the work even more worthwhile !!  :) There is another pot full of potato salad left & I will head back to the two parks tomorrow to feed more.  :)

A great big "Thank You" is due to Julia & Drew for your caring support !!  :)  
Julia sent the link to the website "Growlies for Groups" to help me with recipes for the huge quantities of food I am now cooking.  It is also very helpful in finding new recipes, which is always fun too.  :)   I love to roam through new cookbooks & food magazines for new recipes for the Homeless & for me personally too. 

One of the men in the park called me "An Angel" today.  Ahhhhhhh.  :)

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