Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicken & Pasta Salad

All of last week I was very sick with some sort of stomach "bug".  I was utterly nauseous all day & night too.  So now it is time to catch up on last weeks happening, which were so plentiful.  :)

First of all I would like to thank T-bird for caring so much & filling up my gas tank to the brim.  T-bird, this is the first time in a loooooong time that my car had a full belly.  :)  I so appreciate what you did !!

And my Lizzy donated money for food once more.  :)   You are awesome my friend, thank you & I Love You !!  

Catherine, my special friend in Illinois, sent a donation check last week.  Catherine, I know as a single Mom that wasn't easy for you & I am soooo grateful that you are helping me to feed the Homeless People !!  :)

Christina & Rich, friends of mine who live in Maine, also sent a wonderful donation check for food.  :)  Thank you both for your generosity & know that I am doing this for all of us !!  Many, many years ago Rich was my boss in Germany for close to two years.  He was the best boss I ever had & the most fun to work with.  :)  Love You Two !!

Mary Helen continues to support this mission & she sent another donation check a few days ago.  Thank you dearest Mary Helen for your kind words & your caring & for spreading the word about this with your friends !!   :)  You are precious to me !! 

And I also received a check in the mail from Rachel & Michael, my dear friends in Portland.  Thank you both for being you & for your loving support of my cause !!  :)   I am sending a great big hug to you both of you this way. 

These donations are soooo needed.  By feeding about 65 people per weekend now the money goes quickly.  And there is always a need to buy Styrofoam plates & bowls & plastic silver wear, along with paper towels as napkins.  :)  

Last weekend I fed 37 people on Saturday & another 28 people on Monday.  :)  Yeay !!   :)
The total fed so far is 654 in 4 months & one week.  :)   It is growing every week. 

It is amazing what can be achieved when caring people pull together to help others !!  :)   What gifts you all are to me to help out with this !!   :)   As they say, it takes a village to feed the Homeless. ;)   You all inspire me & keep me going with doing this. 

Now to toot my horn a little bit.  ;)   It is not easy to peel & chop 36 hard boiled eggs & shred 6 1/2 lbs. of boiled chicken to make pasta salad when one is utterly nauseous to ones stomach.  :)   At times the smell of it all made me run to the bathroom, but I know that the Homeless are waiting for me to bring dinner, so I did it anyway.  I  couldn't let them down & knowing that they would be hungry just was too hard for me to take.  So I went both days last weekend & got a lot of Love & Gratitude in return.  I am passing the Love & Gratitude on to all of you, my caring Friends !!  :) 

One of the Homeless, his name is Terry, always calls me "Miss Karin" & he is my "body guard" at times.  So now word is getting around that I am Miss Karin & I got to say I like it.  :)   It makes me feel like a Southern Belle.  ;)   A German Southern Belle.  ;)  

I still need a refrigerator/freezer for the Homeless food that gets donated, so I called our local Christie's Appliances store yesterday & spoke to the son of the owner.  Hopefully he will find one to donate, he said he was keeping his eyes out for one for me.  Please everyone say a Prayer for this to happen.  :)  With the hot summers here & the Homeless preferring cold soups, pasta or potato salads it is important to keep them cooled.  I also find & buy the weekly bargains from the grocery stores to save money & most need to be kept cold also.  We need a Miracle with this.  :)

Here is another inspiring story about one of the Homeless people that I see almost every weekend.  His name is Delmar & his given Native American name is "Papoose".  He is fairly young & part Apache & I am getting to know him little by little.  He doesn't drink or do drugs & he is one of the few I sit & eat with.  In other words, I trust him.  He came with me last weekend to be my "body guard" when I went to the big Park.  Anyway, Papoose told me the other day that he makes a little money by collecting soda cans & then cashing them in for change.  He uses that money to buy backpacks for other Homeless people.  Now how kind is that ??!!  :)   These people live out of their backpacks, because they can be kept close to their bodies & kept an eye on.  They also make good pillows while sleeping.  Can you imagine living out of a backpack ?? 

I am continually surprised how the majority of these people look out for each other & how much respect there is shared between most of them.  :)  It amazes me !!

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