Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Fridge for the Homeless Food

What a wonderful day in the neighborhood !!   :)   (To quote Mister Roger  :)  ).

The first batch of Tuna Pasta Salad fed 44 (yes 44) people today & with some doctoring up of what is left I can fill the second pot up again to feed more on Monday.  I still have some more pasta left I can cook & on the way home this evening I stopped & purchased some more tuna.  :)  Still need some more mayo now.  With today, together we have fed 698 Homeless People !!  :)  I am sooooooooo happy !!  :)

And there was more great news today.  :)  
This afternoon I called Chris, the owner of  "Tucson Appliance Co." & asked if he would help me out with a used refrigerator/freezer for the food for the Homeless.  Chris said "YES"  :)  & for me to come by his store on Wednesday, he wanted to meet me.  He told me that it wouldn't be a pretty one, but that doesn't matter to me, as it goes into the garage anyway.  It needs to function well & that is important. 

Chris also said that I need to pick the fridge up in a truck.  So the next thing is to come up with two strong men with a truck.  Hmmmmm, at this point I can't think of anyone, but if there are any volunteers here in Tucson, please let me know at 326-2236.   :)   Help !!!!   :)

My next project is to rearrange my garage & figure out where to put the fridge so it is near a plug out there.

Good Night now - it is late here & I'm tired, but really happy !!  :)   More people have full bellies today, because of all of us !!  :)

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