Thursday, August 12, 2010

American Goulash, Beans, Corn & Sugar Donut Muffins

Time is sure flying by. I can't believe another week has past already & it is time to catch you all up again on all the happenings.  :)

Buck from "Sugar Pies" brought over 35 Sugar Donut Muffins last week (thank you so very much Buck) & at the end of Saturday I only had 3 left.  I gave those to a special family in the Park on Monday, who weren't there on Saturday & didn't get any then.  The muffins were soooo good & the homeless people loved them so much !!  :)  I saw some of them eat the muffins first, before even eating their meals.  :)  And a big meal we had this time, thanks to more donations that come in !!   

Marci, my wonderful new helper, helped me cook American Goulash last Saturday & we had beans & corn with bacon in it to go along.  Also I had left-over cucumbers in that yummy sauce, German tomato salad (about 10 lbs. of it), & to top it all off there was some really great fresh Italian Pugliese bread.  Carlos & I had quite some time dishing it all out, but eventually we developed a good rhythm. 

There was food left on Monday after we had fed everyone in the two Parks, so we went to a third Park on Speedway & Stone for the first time & fed another slew of people there.  :)   It started getting dark already as people were lining up for food.  Many hungry people there too.  :o

Altogether we fed 67 people during this past weekend & a total of 1,246 people in less than 7 months.  :)   It is really fun for me to see that number grow every week, it feeds my Spirit. 

Thank you Marci for being such an incredible helper & for knowing what to do in the kitchen to get things done !!  It was really fun to whip up this huge meal with you & all the laughs were great too !!  I soooo appreciate you & my right wrist & arm feel a little better too.  I'm looking forward to cooking with you again this Friday.  :)  

A lot of THANKS also goes to my special 82 year young friend Katherine K. for your donation check for food, you are so appreciated & I Love You Dearest !!  :)  

Rachel & Mike thank you once more for another donation, you have become a constant supporter in this adventure of feeding the homeless & I thank you with all my heart for your steadfastness !!  :)  I Love You two lots & am glad that we are connected from the Heart. 

Thank yous also go out to Kathy for your wonderful donation, you really surprised me with your generous check !!   :)    And also to Barb for helping out with your kind donation !!  :)   

Due to everyones help I was able to stock up on some food that was on sale, like Safeway had lean ground beef for $1.29 per lb. & I now have about 17 lbs. in the freezer.  I was also able to get a whole bunch of Kraft mayonnaise at Food City for 99 cents & some for $1.49 each for a big jar, which is at least half-price or better.  Since I am making a lot of cold pasta or potato salads these days, the mayonnaise will be used up quickly & the price was just a perfect deal.  It is nice to have a little bit of a financial reserve, so I can stock up on these bargains when they become available. 

Thank you each & everyone of you & may you be Blessed Always & in All Ways !!   :)

More to come next week.  :)

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