Thursday, August 19, 2010

Schedule of Feedings in the Parks

I just love it when things ripple out.  :)  

Mara from Peaceful Spirit told me today that her daughter Tara's U.S. Government Class teacher at the Catalina Foothills High School read my story from the Tucson Weekly "Meals in the Park" to the class this week.  I need to talk with Tara still to see what the teachers purpose was in using my story.  How exciting is this though ??  It is wonderful & so important that we teach our kids early on to help others in need & to make a difference in others lives.  :)

Buck, those 70 Honey Spice Cookies you baked & brought over were incredible !!  :)   The combination of the sugar, salt & molasses was so perfectly balanced & I ended up with none left, as I fed exactly 70 people this past weekend.  I got to try one cookie though, since someone didn't want one, probably a diabetic person.  And again, many of the people ate their cookie first, just like last week's muffins.  Thank you for your kind dedication to this cause !!  :)  I Love You !!

Carlos & I went over to the DeAnza Park again both on Saturday & again on Monday.  We found lots of homeless people there & I will continue to go there too now every time, as long as I have food left.  :)   

If you read the early entries in this blog you will remember that Feeding The Homeless for me began with a homeless Navajo man who came to my door in early January of this year.  He wanted to call his sister up on the Reservation.  I also blogged then that I tried to find him the next weekend to give him food, but never did find him & still hadn't until now.  Well, Darryl showed up on Monday at the DeAnza Park & I was quite surprised to see him.  I was able to tell him that all of this began seven months ago because of him. 

Thank You Laurel for another monthly check for water for the people in the parks !!  :)  Your love is spreading all over Tucson !!   :)

Thank You also to Mike (m&M) for donating a case of water & some plastic cutlery, which I use a lot of every week, especially the spoons & folks (not knives).  :)  I am very grateful for your thoughtfulness !!

I received the dearest & very touching email from Jennifer R. a couple of days ago.  She wants to help cook & is planning on donating fresh vegetables that her & her house mates grow themselves in their backyard, as soon as they are ripe.  :)   Jennifer is also volunteering to provide some healthcare to the Homeless, if or when needed.  She is a nurse.  Isn't that awesome ??!!  :)   Again, things are rippling out !!  :)

Jennifer also suggested that I blog about what days I cook & might need help & what days & times I go to the parks, so people can find me there.  Here it goes:

When I make food that needs to be served cold, like potato salads, pasta salads, or Gazpacho soup, I need to cook on Friday, so it can chill over night.  If meals are served hot, then I cook on Saturday afternoon, so I can take the food while it is still hot.  Right now in the summer I make a lot of cold salads with meats in them or tuna, etc.

Normally I arrive at the Santa Rita Park on the corner of 22nd Street & 3rd Ave. on Saturdays & Mondays around 5:15 PM.  Depending on how many people I feed I am there anywhere between 15 - 30 minutes. 

From there I go to the Santa Rosa Park, which is off 22nd Street & 10th Ave., north of the intersection on 10th Ave.  I am there not very long, as there are just a few people to feed.

After that I head over to DeAnza Park, which is on the southeast corner of Speedway & Stone & arrive there around 6:00 PM.  There, Carlos & I sit & eat after everyone is fed & most of the food is gone. 

These are just guidelines & are not cast in stone.  It always depends on how many people are at each park & how long it takes to feed everyone.  :)

I won't be in the parks this coming weekend.  I am going to the White Mountain Apache Reservation to participate in a traditional Puberty Ceremony there.  :)   I am really jazzed already about it all !!  :)

Bye for now !!  :)

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