Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cheeseburger Stoup & Tortillas

On Saturday we didn't feed very many people.  It was raining so heavily all over Tucson, that most of the homeless people were seeking out dry places to shelter under.  The grass was utterly soaked with rain. There were only 16 people at Santa Rita Park & not one soul at the DeAnza Park. 

I was really disappointed, as Jennifer & I had cooked a lot of extra Cheeseburger Stoup (a combination of Soup & Stew) after all the requests I had received for it.  It all worked  out great though as there were 43 people on Monday & the stoup was all eaten up.   :)  There was just a little bit left over & Carlos got to take it home for left-overs.  :)

Thank you for coming over Jennifer R. & cooking with me for almost 4 hours, even though you really didn't feel good !!  :)   You are such a trooper & I soooo appreciate your "showing up" & helping out anyway !!  :)

Carlos, thank you for coming all the way down to the park now to help me serve & to watch over me every time we feed everyone !!   :)   I am so glad that you have a roof over your head now !!  :)   Hopefully it will be permanent !!

Thank you Stephen R. for another kind donation !!  :)  The homeless & I are very grateful for your continues support !!  :) 

And thank you also my dear friend Mary Helen for your check !!  :)   You & Stephen R. are making a difference every month & I couldn't do this without your caring help !!  :)

Very much thanks also go to my special heart-sister Gerda B. in Switzerland for your dear donation !!  :)
You are wonderful !!  :)

Kathy & Larry O. a big shout-out goes to you two for providing a lot of the ingredients for the next meal !!  Your thoughtfulness is wonderful & it is amazing how far you had to drive to bring your previous food donation to me. You are very caring & much appreciated !!  :)

This rounds up another week & the next Meal in the Parks is just around the corner once more.  :)

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