Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tuna Pasta Salad with Peas, Apple Cider Cake & Dixie Cream Cookies

My computer keeps booting me off today, so I hope that I am able to finish the whole blog today for this past weekend.  I am running late this week to start with, it has been quite busy around here.

Jen Y. helped me cook last Saturday & we ended up cooking 14 lbs. of pasta, along with 36 eggs, chopped 2 huge jars of pickles & added a whole slew of cans of green peas.  We ran out of mayonnaise & had to run & get more, which Jen volunteered to do.  :)  When she came back from Walmart with the mayonnaise she had also purchased a Gift Card for the Homeless Fund.  :) 

Earlier last week I ended up buying a very big 14 quart stainless steel pot with a solid bottom that wouldn't burn the pasta that was cooking in water even.  I felt really guilty about spending the money from the Homeless Fund, but also kept thinking about how I needed another pot just like it.  Jen knew this.  And I could use a third one actually.  Plus we struggled with the cheap can opener I had which just didn't want to open all those green pea cans.  When I discovered the Gift Card I started crying & Jen told me to go & get the other pot & a can opener & not feel guilty anymore.  How sweet is that  ??!!  :)  I went to Walmart right after Jen left & grabbed that other pot & a good can opener.  We will be testing it tomorrow when we need to open 16 great big cans of kidney beans for this coming weekends American Chili meals. 

Thank you Jen, you touched me so deeply with your kindness & your incredible generosity !!  You are awesome !!  :)

Dearest Buck brought over a whole Apple Cider Cake  & 86 Dixie Cream Cookies for the Homeless to enjoy & enjoying they did & of course I had to sample them too.  ;)   Ahhhhh, they were totally delicious, as all of Buck's treats are !!  :)  For all the delicious recipes please go to Buck's  Sugar Pies  blog. 
Buck also donated a whole bunch of Granola Bars for the Homeless.  Thank you Buck !!  :)

My special friends Brian & Maggie donated three huge boxes of Minute Rice, two jars of Spaghetti Sauce, cooking Oil, & two blankets.  :)   Thank you my dear & sweet Friends !!  :)

Laurel sent a check for the bottled water for another month & whatever is left over I use to pay for the gas to go back & forth to the parks & for all the grocery store trips every week.  Thank you my very special Laurel !!  :)  You are soooo appreciated & I Love You So !!

Dave & Linda M. donated some blankets for the homeless & a good portion of the food for this coming weekend.  Thank you with all my Heart you two for your unending support & for being so genuine !!  :)
I feel honored to be your Friend !!  :)

A.W. sent a donation check & I appreciate your caring support with this project.  I used a lot of it already to buy the ingredients for last weeks meal.  Thank you soooo much !!  :)

Now to some sad news.  In an earlier blog I talked about the old black man who used to live in his old white Cadillac in the parking lot of the Santa Rita Park.  Some of you might remember, he had edema & his feet & legs were about three or four times as big as normal & I would always take the food to him, so he wouldn't have to leave his car.  I just learned that he died about two weeks after his family all chipped in & got him a small apartment to get him out of the heat of this summer.  He once told me that his job once upon a time was to find homes for the homeless.  Have fun on the Other Side & watch over all your buddies in the parks !!  :)

The total homeless people fed so far is 1,859 in less than 9 months.   :)

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