Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chili, Corn Muffins & Crybaby Cookies

Running somewhat behind this week.  :o   Served this weekends meal today & haven't even blogged about last weeks meal yet.  So here it goes for last weekend ....................

Made three huge pots of Chili for everyone in the parks & dear Buck from Sugar Pies made corn muffins for everyone to go with it & he also baked some really wonderful cookies, which are called Crybaby Cookies, because they would make children stop crying.  :)   I love those cookies & must confess that I ate more than the usual one.  :o   The recipes are on Buck's blog.  Just click on the link above & it will get you to his blog.  Thank you Buck for always making such wonderful treats.  You are The Best & I am one of your biggest fans, besides Michael of course !!  :)

Thank you Jen Y. for all your caring help cooking with me last Saturday & for putting so much Love into the Chili.   :)  It was so good because it had both of our Love stirred into it.  The Chili was a great big hit with all the people in the park.  On Monday there were 44 people at Santa Rita park waiting for the food, because word had gotten around about the good Chili.  On Saturday we only fed 28 people.  On Monday I ran out of food at the first park & only had crackers, blueberry muffins & water left for the second park, DeAnza Park.  I felt really bad to have run out of food after just one park, it was the first time this ever happened.  And I had a lot of Chili to start with.  So I will cook Chili again soon, since it was such a success.  :)  It is getting colder here now towards dinner time, so it is nice to bring comfort food again for the homeless.  I got kind of tired of making all those cold pasta or potato salads every weekend.  It's like wanting to wear warm clothes again around here after our long hot summers.  :)

Jennifer R. thank you for stopping by on Monday & helping dish out the food & for your support in being there with us !!  :)  I always enjoy when you show up at the park, even though you are very busy.  :) 

Sean & Brandie S. thank you for bringing over some blankets for the homeless & for caring so much about these people.  :)   I am so grateful that I "accidentally" met you at the bank the other day & that you eavesdropped my conversation with a friend there.  :)

The homeless still need lots of blankets & sleeping bags, since it is getting colder now during the nights. 
Used ones are great, but I am grateful if they are clean, so I can just take them there.  :)

Thank you Gary Mc...., your donation saved the day !!  :)   I only had $2.20 left in the Homeless Food Fund & wondered how I was going to feed all the people this coming weekend on that.  Now I have $22.20 & everything looks a little brighter.  :)  Every penny helps & altogether it adds up.  :)  Gary, I'm glad to know that you read my blog & that I can thank you this way, which is very important to me.  :)  I like it when the homeless people acknowledge what we do for them & I like to do the same for everyone who lovingly helps out with this whole heart project.  I am "paying forward" the gratitude to everyone that way.  :)  These people are always so grateful for the food, the sweet treats & the water & I hear many "God Bless Yous" every time I go.  :)

Jan, a writer for "The New Southwest" newspaper (formerly called the "Tucson Green Times") came over last week to interview me for a story in the upcoming November 15th issue.  I feel very honored to be in this wonderful & free newspaper.  It is all over Tucson & if you have a chance, please pick one up & find out for yourself how great & educational about the environment this paper is.  :) 

Have a wonderful week everyone & be safe & happy !!   :) 


Janean said... grandkids and I are going to be putting some goody bags together today for the homeless kids...hae any idea where we can hand them out? Also, I have Wednesdays off from you need a hand?

Karin said...

Hi there, :)
How wonderful that you are doing this with your grandkids. It is never too early to teach to give & share.
In the parks I go to there are never any children. Thank God !!
If you contact Primavera, they might be able to guide you to some children in shelters. :)
If you would like to do this again at Christmas time, I make Christmas every year for very needy Native American families with LOTS of children, who otherwise wouldn't have a Christmas.
I need help mostly on Saturdays & Mondays & sometimes on Fridays to do prep-work. Thank you for thinking of me. :)