Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lots of Sandwiches

Today I received a call from Megan, who works for the University of Phoenix, right here in Tucson.  She shared with me that she had read my blog & that there are a lot of sandwiches left over from an event there.  She wondered if I could use them for the homeless.  :) 

When I got there to pick them up I was totally amazed at how many there were, along with three big trays of potato & pasta salads.  Also a big tray of cookies & brownies, pickles & a large bag of chips.  :)

Today I was able to feed 44 people at Santa Rita, Estevan, & Stone Park & I still have a bunch of sandwiches left over, so I can go again tomorrow.  :)  

Thank you Megan for your thoughtfulness & for caring so much for the people who need food right here in our city !!   :)   You are an Angel !!   :)

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