Sunday, November 4, 2012

And Lots More Sandwiches

Since I had so many sandwiches left I headed back to the parks again today.  :)  Another 32 homeless people were fed & they were again very thankful for the food. 

Megan, your Kindness fed 76 hungry people this weekend & I am ever so grateful to you for being so thoughtful !!  :)  

I got to see some old friends & a lot of new people again.  Santa Rita Park was filled with the homeless & it hurt my heart to see that.  Our slower economy is definitely visible in those parks.  Well, we'll just keep trucking along & do what we can to help out.  :) 

The Thanksgiving meal is just around the corner !!  :)   And not too far after that there will be Christmas food.  :)

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Megan Pickering said...

Hi Karin,
Thank you for all that you do to help our community. You are amazing and I am greatful to have met you.
Keep up your great work!