Thursday, January 31, 2013

Calling all my Angels again !!

I need to ask for your kind help once more for feeding the homeless here in Tucson.  :)

Hilde & I recently decided to add another weekend of cooking & serving the homeless in the parks, so we will now continuously be doing it two weekends every month.  We also will feed on major holidays throughout the year.  Both of us missed doing this, but since we are getting older we had to cut back some & now we are adding again.   :)  Go figure !!   :)   It's in our hearts !!   :)

There is still a tiny bit of money left over from Christ-mas, but it is running out quickly.  :(   Would you please continue to help out, so we can continue to feed the homeless regularly again ??  Hilde & I will happily do all the work.   :)

Also, I am hoping to put together about 75 small bags again for the homeless for Valentine's Day, filled with candy, chocolates, & cookies.  :)  New socks would be nice too, they are always a huge hit & much needed.   :)   Two schools are having some of their children create Valentine's Day cards to put into the bags too.   :)

If anyone would like to donate cookies, candy, or socks for this occasion I would need them here by February 12th the latest, so I have time to bag them together for Saturday, the 16th.   :)

Thank you once more all my Angels for your Kindness & Help !!   :)

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