Saturday, January 26, 2013

Today's Meal was in my Son's Honor

Today my son would have been 47 years old & I feel that today's meal in the two parks was in his honor.   :)  He was very loving & kind & if he was alive he would be out there in the parks with me serving the food to everyone.   :)    Well, he was with us anyway, sitting on my shoulder.  :)   His favorite food were burritos & pizza, so I ate pizza for him this evening & made a Spirit Plate for him.  

Hilde cooked the most wonderful Turkey Stew today with the help of Mary-Ann, Karen & I.  It was filled with fresh veggies, rice & lots of smoked turkey left over from Thanksgiving.  It was really filling & nurturing, in short, comfort food !!   :)  Thank you Hilde Dear !!   :)  We also had fresh salad & lots of fresh bread. 

Sally baked 72 cupcakes & they were a huge success with the homeless.  :)  There is the famous homeless sweet tooth again.  ;)   Thank you Sally for making all those cupcakes !!  That was awefully sweet of you !!  :)

A thank you shout-out also goes to Marilyn for helping us serve once more !!  It is always fun to have you around, you make everyone giggle with your whimsical humor.   :) 

A big thank you also to Mary-Ann & Karen for helping out with the cooking & serving & everything else that needed to be done !!  :) 

Lee, thank you for donating all those warm clothes & socks & baseball caps too !!  :)  Most of it is gone & I will take the rest to the parks next time I go again.   :)

What an incredible day today has been .... my sons birthday, feeding the homeless, and the full moon.   And the rain cleared up so we could go out & feed today.  It can't get any better than this, really !!   :)  

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