Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Surprise & Pizza

Today, March 30th, we were Easter bunnies for the homeless & it was a lot of fun for all.  :)

Armed with 131 colored Easter eggs & 60 gift bags filled to the top with a brand new pair of socks, lots of candy & home baked cookies, Marilyn, JoDee & I headed out to Santa Rita Park, but not before picking up 15 great big pizzas from Little Caesars for the special occasion.   :)  Bill met us later on at Estevan Park. 

We fed 55 people & were able to give the left over gift bags & eggs to Brother Dave to hand out to more homeless who were getting soup & hot chocolate from him at different parks this evening.  :)  We could have used probably another 5 pizzas, but we live & learn as we go.  Everyone got at least two big slices, a few got three slices at the very end. 

Homeless Tom, my buddy, had his 69th birth-day yesterday, so we had a small cake for him & the four of us sang to him as loud as we could to seem like we were a whole bunch.  :)  Tom also was the 10,000th person I fed last weekend.  It just worked out that way & I'm glad. 

Word is getting around that Hilde & I are back with food & it feels good to see the numbers fed are climbing again.  :)   At our prime we used to feed 80 to 100 people every time we went to the parks. 

We lost one of everyones favorite & one of my favorite too from Estevan Park.  Mike had a heart of gold & everyone always hovered over him to take care of him & to protect him.  :)  I seldom saw him sober, but he was one the kindest & most grateful of all.  He always remembered my name & called me "Miss Elliott, right ??"  and could he eat a lot of food.  I always piled extra on his plate to sober him up.  ;)   Earlier this week Mike got run over by a train near Estevan Park.  I always feared that he would be hit by a car, but not a great big train.  Enjoy Heaven Mike !!  I'll make a Spirit Plate for you at times, you are still getting fed.  :)

Shirley & her son Aaron came over earlier this week with two great big boxes of clothes from her husband, who also just had crossed over.  We put one box out at each park & most of the clothes was gone really fast.  We only have a few pieces left, which we will take next time we go.  Thank you Shirley & thank you also for being so thoughtful by giving me gas money to go to the parks.  :)  You are just so dear !!  :)

Thank you JoDee & Sue for putting all the gift bags together & so quickly too !!  You were like lil' tornadoes with all that candy.  :)   I had fun just watching you, while I stuffed the egg bags & the cookie bags.  It was hard to focus on what I was doing because of observing you lil' whirlwinds.  :)  

And thank you Marilyn, JoDee, & Bill for helping serve & doing it with big smiles !!  :)
I am so grateful for you all !!  Bill, thank you also for the salt packets, although you still have them all.  ;)   I am also grateful to MacDonald's for donating a good size bag of lil' salt packets for the Easter eggs.  :)  That young man so came through for me !!

Sue thank you for all the jelly beans you donated & I got to tell you that we had a hard time keeping Marilyn from fishing out all the purple ones.  ;)   Hehehe !!  :)

JoDee you were so generous by donating all those cellophane bags with the cute & fun Easter egg design on them & for bringing over more jelly beans too for the gift bags !!   :)   I feel blessed by all your kind help & look forward to getting to know you better !! 

Randy you did it again with providing all the socks & lots of candy too & some water on top of it all.  Thank you my Friend !!  :)   Your Heart is big & beautiful & kind !!  :)  

Cheryl, Cristina, Wendy & Gopal thank you for coloring all those great eggs, they were quite colorful & bright.  Gopal, we are still impressed by your idea of using strong coffee for the brown eggs & turmeric for coloring the yellow eggs.  :)  What a clever idea !!   :)   Cheryl, it was great to hear that you had so much fun coloring your eggs !!   :)

George & Marion, you always come through when I need help !!  :)  Thank you for all those really pretty cookies !!  They were a joy to hand out with all the fun sprinkles on top !!   :)  

Dave & Linda thank you for the big bag of candy & I have to confess that I had to sample a few myself.  ;)   You are always there for me too & I am so grateful to you both !!  :)

More Thank Yous are going out to Jane, Martin, Nan, & Maria in Wisconsin for sending funds to be able to do this & to get the pizzas too !!  :)   Your generosity is awesome !!  :)  

Words are too small to express my Gratitude to each & everyone of you & the Love you share by these great acts of Kindness for the people in need in the parks !!  At times I am touched so deeply that I just sit & cry.  It is that overwhelming, in a good way !!  :)

I will post a few pictures too.   :)  We were too busy handing out everything that we didn't have time to stop to take photos.  I took some of my helpers ahead of time before the parks.  Enjoy !!   :) 

Together we filled everyone's Hearts & their bellies too !!  :)   Thank you all !!  :)

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