Sunday, March 24, 2013

An Early Easter Dinner

Since this was Hilde & my regular weekend to feed we decided to yesterday serve Easter dinner a week early.  :)  

My friends Ryan & Barb brought us about 70 lbs. of potatoes all the way from Idaho that they grew themselves. :)  So what to do with all those wonderful potatoes ??   :)

Hilde came over on Friday & we made a huge bucket of German potato salad for the homeless for the first time.  It was a lot of work & worthy of an Easter meal.  :)   We also had about 15 lbs. of sliced Applewood Smoked Ham to go with it & tossed salad of course, plus Liz's wonderful cookies.  :)   Thank You Dave & Linda for donating the ham for this & for always being there to help out in whatever way I need help !!  :) 

Hilde came to the first park with us to serve the food & Bill, our new helper who recently moved here from "New Joysey"  :)  came to the second park to help Marilyn & I.  Thank You Bill & Marilyn !!  :)  So grateful to & for you, & to Ryan & Barb for driving to Tucson to bring the potatoes, & to Liz for her great baking !!  :)  

The meal was a big success & everyone was grateful for the food.  :)  It just made me a little sad that we ran out of ham towards the end.  Word is getting around that Hilde & I are cooking again, so the numbers of homeless showing up is growing once more.  For a while I had food left over every time, so now we are getting again to where it used to be.  :)   The grapevine is at work.  :) 

I wish I had the energy & time to do more & sometimes I dream of having a place indoors to serve the food & maybe a shelter too.  :)  And Hilde dreams of a commercial kitchen.  If only we were younger & our bodies were stronger still.  So I pray for Miracles for the homeless & I know in my heart that Creator will make good things happen, maybe through other kind people too & to let it ripple out.  :)  

Next weekend the homeless will get another Easter surprise.  :)  I am going back to the parks to take Little Caesar pizzas to everyone, since this month has an extra Saturday.  There is no one lined up for the 5th Saturdays of the month, so I will take a big bunch of pizzas on those from now on.  And there will be other Easter surprises, but I will talk about those later.  :)  

If anyone wants to help out, just give me a call.  My number is on this blog. 

Many Blessings to each & everyone of you !!  :)  And a very happy Spring too !!  :)

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