Saturday, March 23, 2013

10,000+ Homeless Fed

Yeay, today we fed 55 homeless  people & we crossed 10,000 fed so far in 30 months.  :)  

It is a happy occasion for me, but also very bittersweet one too.  My heart jumps with joy to know that we filled 10,000 tummies over the years, on the other hand it makes me sad that there are so many homeless people that need food !! 

To serve nourishing comfort food is always the goal & it warms our hearts to see all the gratitude when handing over a full plate to each person.   :)   They deserve the best food possible & for some it is the only meal they eat on that day. 

Many of the homeless are down on their luck, do to our current economy & we are not here to judge them.  Others are trying to get back on their feet & just need a little help.  And then there are the ones that like the homeless lifestyle, because it is all they have known for so long.  Most deserve our respect & some kind words, along with the food.  :)  

Today at one of the parks this man drove up in a cab & wanted to know what we were doing, so we explained it to him.  He then wanted to know what church I am with & I told him that I do this on my own.  Then he began preaching to me about his church & that I should go there.  I told him that I like to teach by being an example.  What I really wanted to say to him was that if he had picked up a spoon in the time he was preaching to me about doing God's work & attending his church, he could have served a bunch of the homeless their food & nurtured them some.  So it is where we put our Priorities & our Love !!   :) 

I am really tired & it is almost midnight, but I will add more to this blog tomorrow.

It has been an awesome day !!  :)    Thank You Creator !!   :)

Good Night everyone & sleep with the Angels !!   :)  

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