Monday, March 11, 2013

More Chili & Crackers

Since I had a big pot of Chili left over from Saturday I decided to go back to Santa Rita Park today in hopes to feed another bunch of hungry homeless people. 

We went through half of the huge pot, so I headed over to Estevan Park, but didn't find one soul there & I didn't want to wait 30 minutes for Brother Dave's people to come with the soup & hot chocolate van.  Driving by "Stone Park" at Stone & Speedway, I saw a lot of homeless there.  Normally I don't go there, because I do not feel safe on my own there, but decided to stop since I had all this food left & it was still light out. 

Altogether I fed 22 people tonight, but it felt more like 40.  I guess it was because I was doing it by myself today, which rarely happens anymore.  :)   I so always appreciate all my helpers every time we go to feed !!   :)  It is such a gift of self to give up your Saturday evening to do this !!   :)  Thank you all once more !!  :)

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