Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mac 'n Cheese with lots of Ham & a new Dishwasher

Today Hilde & I cooked 40 boxes of Mac 'n Cheese & loaded it all with 15 pounds of diced ham.  :)   We also, as usual, made a huge salad & Hilde had baked some incredible peanut butter cookies for dessert.  :)   Thank you Alvin for donating a whole bunch of small pretzel bags.  We handed those out, along with water, some Mountain Dew & V8 Juice, which were also donated by others. 

I had to restrain Marilyn from the cookies.  ;)  Just kidding Marilyn !!  :)   She loved them so much & I have to say I can't blame her, they were really good, Hilde !!  :)

The homeless at the second park were exceptionally nice & grateful today & it made our hearts feel good.  :)   We fed 54 people tonight, the numbers are climbing & word is getting around.  :)  We are so glad, especially since we have been cooking too much since we started up again.  The left-overs I bring home afterwards are shrinking & that is wonderful !!  :)   It makes us happy when we feed a lot of people that need comfort food in their bellies.  :) 

It was so fun to see you Cristina & my lil' Kiersten (age 5) at the park helping with handing out water, sodas & juice.  :)  It is never too early to teach the lil' ones to give & share & to show them how good they have it at home.  Kiersten has a lot of compassion already, she always wants her Mom to take an older homeless woman home with 'em.  :) 

Thank you so much Judy E. for donating one of the hams & lots of cheese, along with some macaroni.  :)   Your donation was the inspiration for tonight meal.   :)  

Thank you also once more Dave & Linda for all your kind help with the food !!  I am always & forever grateful to you both !!  :)  :)

And thank you dearest Frank D., my Cookie Family, J.J., Bill & Iris, who all donated funds so we can continue to do this !!  :)  The prices of the items & food needed to do this are going up continuously & I feel that too of course.  :o   I am so grateful for all your help & I hope the Blessings come right back to you !!   :) 

This next story made me cry because I was touched very deeply by two incredible human beings.  :)  My dishwasher had been 28 years old & I haven't been able to use it for quite some time, since it had seen better days.  Marilyn & I always cleaned up the big pots, bowls & utensils by hand & that was a lot after a long day of cooking & being on my feet. 

My dear neighbor Lee D. found out about this & he decided to buy me a brand new dishwasher. Lee took me to Tucson Appliance Company, because I wanted to support Chris, the owner, since he had been so incredibly supportive of my feeding the homeless.  So it wasn't enough that Chris very recently had given me an almost new stove, he then gave us the dishwasher at his cost, which saved us quite a bit. I didn't expect that at all, I just wanted to support Chris for his Kindness & for being so very generous to me before.  :)  I am crying again, tears of Gratitude, as I write this.  Thank you so much Lee & Chris, you both are incredible role models to humanity for kindness in action !!   :)   :)

Another successful meal served & now it's time to rest.  :) 
Everyone reading this be blessed always & in all ways.  :)    

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