Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yarn Donations needed for Scarves for the Homeless

My dear friend K.C. asked me if I could use knitted or crochet scarves for the Homeless for this coming Christmas.  :)  She is part of the "Crafts 'n Chat Meetup" & some of the members have volunteered already to start knitting & crocheting these awesome warm scarves.  :)   What a wonderful idea K.C.!!   :) 

Does anyone have any yarn laying around that you won't need that we can donate to the people making these scarves ??   :)   It would help out so much, especially since we need about 60 to 75 scarves again this year, maybe even more by Christmas time.  I will know more as it gets closer. 

The Homeless like to wear dark colors, so they can blend in & I always have many more men than women.  So darker colors would be best, like dark blue, black or dark gray.   :)

You can email me at   if you can help in any way.   :)

Thank You Ever So Much !!   :)

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