Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pasta with Ham, Broccoli, Sundried Tomatoes, Multi-Colored Peppers & Parmesan Cheese, again :)

What a colorful dinner we served today.  :)  It looked like Christmas with some fall colors mixed in, red & green & orange & yellow.  And then there was the tossed salad also full of colors.  We all eat with our eyes too & today the eyes had some feasts along with all the bellies.   :)

We had ham again since Albertson's had a great deal on them a little while ago & I stocked up a lot.  It will be ham for a little while longer, there are three more frozen.  I asked the Homeless if they are tired of ham & they said no, not at all.  Chicken is another story though.  :)   Apparently they get chicken fed quite often. 

We fed 45 people today altogether & were able to hand out a few granola bars, etc.  I don't take them very often, as there isn't always room in my SUV for more to carry along.  I wish my car was bigger sometimes, so I could take more things to the parks, but it is all good !!  :)

Thank you Faith & Ted for all your loving cooking help & it was really awesome to meet you today, Ted !!  :)   I loved how you kept looking for ways to help & to just be there for Faith & I with whatever needed to be done !!   :)   You fit right in !!    Please come back soon !!   :)

Heily dear, thank you for baking all those yummy brownies for the homeless (and for us too   ;) !!  Ted can have some next time & so can you !!  We deserve treats too, since we work hard to get the meals cooked.  :)  Those brownies were just too good for words !!  :)   Please make more soon.  :)

Dave & Linda here is another shout-out of Gratitude for your continued & ever so loving help !!  :)
You are the best neighbors one could have & I so appreciate you both !!  :)

J.J. & Marilyn thank you for being there for me by helping serve & to crack jokes at times.  :)   I appreciate both of your help always, even though sometimes I forget to tell you so. 

Marilyn my thankfulness to you for cleaning up all the salad & pasta bins tonight & for letting me sit down for a little bit to rest my feet.  I am going to be 70 at the end of next month & sometimes I feel it, although I try to not give it too much power.  :)  

I am very, very tired tonight, it was quite hot out there at the parks.  So I will keep this short & say good night to everyone now.  Sleep with the Angels & please pray for all the Homeless out there in this heat & humidity right now. 

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