Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sausage & Vegetable Stew, Tossed Salad & Home Baked Brownies

In a car loaded up with lots of hot food, many warm jackets, blankets and comforters, I headed to the two parks.  :)

It is so chilly now at night and the homeless sleep on the cold ground, so please help me to gather blankets, sleeping bags, even comforters, or mattress pads.  They can be used already & the homeless so appreciate them.  If you don't mind, please also ask your friends to see what is in their closets that they don't really use.  Warm jackets are always needed too.  If you can bring them to my home I then will gladly take them to the parks & distribute them.   :)  Thank you for helping out !!  :)

Faith, my Cooking Angel, and I made a stick to your ribs Sausage & Vegetable Stew today, which included 12 lbs. of Kielbasa, 15 lbs. of potatoes and 7 lbs. of carrots and we fed 40 people tonight.  Someone else was at Santa Rita Park serving a Stir Fry and many of the homeless had been eating already when we got there around 5 PM.  So we didn't feed too many people today.  Some of the homeless from the second park were working at the Street Fair to pick up a little money.  But 40 people have a full belly tonight & some have warm jackets & blankets.  :)  It's a good feeling.  :)

Nicole & Nathan came by my home today to bring two big containers of home baked Brownies for tonight's meal.  They were wonderful & we all had some too.  :)   You know I pay my helpers with brownies & cookies.  ;)  It was so nice to meet you both & I am so grateful for your loving support !!  :)  

Sadie came by the park to bring some items she is donating for the Christmas event on December 28th.  Sadie, thank you for stopping by & for wanting to help so much !!  :)   It was really nice to meet you also today !!  :)   

Gerry & Kim came back to the parks to help with serving the food & it was wonderful to have you both with Marilyn & I.  We make a wonderful team & I hope you will come back over & over again !!  :)  :)  Thank you for your caring help !!  And Gerry, your sweet smile !!  :)

Dave & Linda, thank you again for contributing some of the groceries for this meal & Dave thank you for loading up my car with a lot of stuff today !!   :)   You are so appreciated always !!  :)

Marilyn, my loyal Friend, I always so appreciate your cleaning up all those big pots & utensils, etc., and for helping serve all those hungry people.  :)   You are awesome and I know that you give up other activities to be there for this and that makes me even more grateful !!  :)

The next meal will be pizza on Christmas Eve.  :) 

Good Night now to you all & sleep with the Angels !!  :)

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