Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cheeseburger Stoup, Tossed Salad & Bread

Another weekend and another meal served.  :)  This time it was Cheeseburger Stoup, a cross between a stew and soup.  :)  I always try to make this thicker and more stew like to give the homeless more nourishment and more solid food.  This seems to be one of their favorites, as we always get extra "thank yous" when serving it.  :)   Tacos is another one of those. 

We also made a big bucket of tossed salad and had lots of bread to go with it all.  We ended up feeding 60 people.  :)  Right now it is hovering around 60+ every time we go.  Both great big pots were totally empty when we left the parks, many homeless had come back up for seconds.  :)

I saw many new faces this time around, more than usual.  I can't help but wonder why this was happening, but just don't know. 

It is great that the days are getting longer again and that we don't serve when it is dark anymore, at least not in the first park.  In the second park it is dark pretty much from the beginning still, but there are great lights there now, so we all can see.   :) 

K.C., thank you so much for donating all that candy !!  :)  It looks like you went out and even bought more than you offered to start with.  You are awesome !!   :)   Sorry I missed you, I was running a little late. 

Hilde and Sue, thank you for jumping in at the last minute to cook the meal together !!  :)   You bailed me out !!  It is always so much fun to be in the kitchen with you both & I miss the days when we did it more often.  :)  I'm very grateful for all the hard work you both did !!   :)

Dave, thank you so much for contributing some of the food and as always for loading up the car for me !!  You are always there when I need you and I so appreciate you for it !!  :) 

Marilyn, Gerry and Kim, I couldn't do this without your loving help and am sending you each a great big thank you !!  :)   And another one to you Marilyn for cleaning up the big pots & salad bucket afterwards !!  :)  

Mark, thank you for the wonderful check you sent !!   :)  It will help out quite a bit.  :)

A great big thank you goes to some of the members of the St. Joseph Rosary Makers for donating used warm clothes once more.  :)  Also to Hilde's church group for the odds and ends that are so helpful always !!  :)  It all is needed.   

Time to get some rest now.  :)   Sleep with the Angels everyone !!   :)

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