Friday, January 17, 2014

My Four Year Anniversary

Today is my four year anniversary of feeding the homeless people.  :)   It doesn't seem possible that it has been that long already.  :o  

The past four years have been filled with joy and sadness, loss, and new friends too.  :)  And I wouldn't trade most of it.  I learned a lot about doing this kind of work, on what not to do and on what is beneficial and helpful to the homeless and I try to pass it on to others as much as possible.     It has been quite a journey !!  :)  Some day I will write a book about it all in hopes to inspire others who are interested in doing this too, for now this blog will do.   :)

It has been quite a challenge, and at times it still is, to transform the recipes I find into those huge quantities we cook each time and to make them work as planned.  :)  I only ever cooked for my small family and my friends before this, although then I even always cooked a little too much.  :)  But I never cooked for 60 to 100 people at the time.  :)  And up until about 14 years ago I truly disliked cooking.  How about that and how about how time changes us ??  :)
With the help of so many kind souls, all over this beautiful country of ours, more than 11,300 people were fed during this period of time and we all slept better knowing that there were some of the homeless people here sleeping with full bellies those nights.  :)  

So here is to another four years, or at least to as long as my 70 year old body holds up for this gift to others who are less blessed than we are !!   :) 

Thank you each and everyone who ever helped out with this, I am ever so grateful to you all !!  :)

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