Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chili, Crackers, Tossed Salad & Lots of Cake

Tonight's meal was Chili once more since it is such comfort food & it is pretty cold now in the evenings here & during the nights.  My hope is that it warms up the homeless people from the inside out.   :)   We also had lots of crackers & my cooking angel, Faith & I also made a great big tossed salad.  For dessert we had two wonderful cakes that Buck had made with fun & colorful frosting.  :) They were a big success, Buck, and people wanted seconds.  And there were also some cookies.  We fed 61 homeless people tonight & everyone was happy & some really grateful for the food.   :) 

Marilyn, Gerry & our lil' Lexie (12) came to help serve & it was such a joy to have Lexie with us again.  She is such a ray of brightness & cuteness & is so bubbly !!  :)   Thank you all so much for helping again !!  :) 

Dave & Linda chipped in with some of the food again & Dave loaded up all the heavy stuff into the car at my home.  Thank you both, I'm very grateful to you !!  :)  

Jeanne had brought over blankets & pillows for the homeless, so we handed those out tonight also.  Jeanne, thanks for all your kind efforts with this, that was really awesome !!  :)

We had stuffed backpacks left-over from Christmas, so Marilyn made sure that everyone who didn't receive one two weeks ago, got one this time.  :)   Now they all are gone & I have my livingroom & diningroom floor back again.  :)   Yay !!  :)

Good night everyone & sleep with the Angels !!   :)

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