Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tuna Pasta Salad with Corn & Tomato Salad

It has become quite hot in Tucson, so I am beginning to cook as much cold food as possible for the homeless being outside in the heat.  A nice cool dinner & salad will still nurture everyone & will keep their body temperature down some.   :)

Faith & I cooked & chopped all afternoon, making Tuna Pasta Salad with lots of diced eggs, pickles & a big amount of tuna.  We also made a cold Corn & diced Tomato Salad that was quite refreshing with lemon juice, oil, garlic, onion powder & lots of fresh parsley.  We also had bread, jalapenos, a few left-over sodas & Gatorade, cold water & cookies.  :)

We fed 56 people tonight & there were many very grateful faces amongst all.   :)   And we all had a great time too seeing old friends & making new ones too.  :)

Faith, thank you for helping me cook today & for also coming to both parks to help serve the food !!  :)  It is wonderful to have you around again !!   :)   Faith grew up with my two children about 30 years ago & was my daughters best friend through most of high school.  She was always at my house, which was the place where all the kids liked to come & hang-out at.  :)  We just recently reconnected again after a very long time of having lost contact.   :)   Facebook is wonderful for finding old friends !!  :)

J.J., thank you so much for coming to help serve & for your dear contribution !!  :)  Your Kindness made me cry today (happy tears) & it so will help with getting more food & supplies.  :)  I also wanted to mention how dear it was for you to so lovingly clean out that bowl today.  It didn't get lost in the shuffle & I just wanted to say an extra thank you for that !!  :) 

Dear Lee, thank you for helping serve & for taking Faith & J.J. home after we fed everyone !!  :)   That was truly an Act of Kindness since you weren't feeling well to start with.  I appreciate all your loving help & caring !!  :)   I am proud to call you my Friend !!  :)

Diane & I ended up at LaBotana & we had two margaritas each.  :o   We had so much fun trying to figure out which homeless we both knew & shared stories of some of our experiences.  Diane knew Darryl Chee, who was the reason why I started feeding the homeless three years ago.  Diane started feeding the homeless breakfast recently at another park & many who we fed tonight knew her from that & her previous job.  :)  She is a very kind & caring woman & I'm happy we connected.  :) 

Dave & Linda , as usual a great big thank you shout-out to you for all your loving support of this endeavor !!  :)  I soooo love you both !!   :)  

Nan, a special thank you goes to you for all the odds & ends of food, etc., you brought to my home for the homeless !!  :)  It was so sweet of you to have it all sorted out & grouped together.  Lots of it I was able to use for the homeless & the rest I gave to the people on the Yaqui Reservation, who were ever so appreciative.  :)  Lee & I took it all down there & we had fun doing that.  :) 

Marilyn, I missed your cute & happy face today !!  :)  It just wasn't the same without you there !!  I hope you had a great time though !!  :)   See you next time.  :)

Time now to put a couple of very tired legs up.  :)  

Everyone, sleep with the Angels & have a joy filled day tomorrow & a safe Memorial Day !!  :)

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